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By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and information services. See this site for details and ordering facility.

London, 20th November 2008: The first report in this series publicised the following realities:

• The two signatories of Britain’s accession to the European Economic Communities, the long-range entrapment device developed by the secret Nazi strategic continuum since exposed as Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, were recruited by the Nazis before the war. Their names were: Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon. This report remains, like all our analyses, easy to access via our Archive: see the report dated 12th October 2005.

• Successive European collective treaties are routinely procured by means of gross bribery. In that report, we exposed the fact that slush fund payments worth $100 million equivalent for each of the 25 EU ‘Member States’ had been ‘bunged’ to prime ‘facilitators’ of the (subsequently unratified) EU ‘Constitution’ Treaty. The normal procedure is for 50% of the available slush money to be paid to the national ‘facilitators’ on completion of the Intergovernmental Conference at which these odious anti-nation state EU collective treaties are ‘negotiated’, and for the second 50% (in that instance, worth a further $2.5 billion in total) to be paid to the corrupt ‘facilitators’ on ratification.

CORRUPT FINANCIAL INCENTIVE FOR RATIFICATION OF THE LISBON TREATY As you can imagine, this of course provides a mighty incentive for the ‘facilitators’ to move hell and earth to procure ratification: which of course explains their fury at the behaviour of the Irish, who indicated in their referendum that they are not enamoured of losing their independence, after all that they have been through, thank you very much.

So, when observing the frantic activities and snide observations of the corrupt EU ‘movers and shakers’ on the political stage who are pushing for the EU’s Lisbon Treaty (which will destroy the Member States’ residual sovereignty completely), just bear in mind, would you, that, once again, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: the slush fund money that the top ‘facilitators’ fancy being placed into their offshore bank accounts. They are drooling at the thought of it.

• FACT: The Editor traced Blair’s $100 slush million to the Central Bank of Belize. It surfaced there between February and March 2006. Source: International Monetary Fund, ‘International Financial Statistics’. This fact, together with the above information, was emblazoned all over our output at the time, and when not a single feeble British journalist paid the slightest attention, we publicised the names of the journalists to whom we had distributed this information. Did they care?

NEW ANALYSIS OF THE VAST COST TO BRITAIN OF ITS RECKLESS E.U. MEMBERSHIP NOW, Gerard Batten, the very sensible and level-headed MEP, has taken matters further by carrying out detailed research into the gross and net total costs of Britain’s counterproductive membership of the pan-German-controlled European Union Collective.

As we have often pointed out, this is a long-range strategic deception entrapment mechanism which was originally planned, in its modern format, by Nazi intellectuals, as laid out in Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft (‘European Economic Community’), a compendium of papers presented at a Nazi symposium in 1941 and published in Berlin in 1942. Facsimiles and text from this document are featured in the Editor’s book ‘The New Underworld Order’ in Chapter Ten: The Thousand-Year Reich. This book may be ordered via this website [go to the Edward Harle Limited segment].

The chapter headings of that 1941 Nazi compendium correspond almost precisely with the main headings of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, which this Editor fought against at the time.

UK TREASURY WOULDN’T PUBLISH A COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS For many years, pressure was exerted on the UK Treasury to publish a detailed analysis of the cost and benefits (if any) to Britain of its disastrous membership of this corrupt supragovernmental New Underworld Order organisation. The Treasury refused to comply, at least for public consumption. Gerard Batten MEP has conducted the necessary research, which is published by the Bruges Group (Honorary President: The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, LG, OM, FRS).

Gerard Batten’s report will be presented at a conference scheduled for Saturday 22nd November 2008 in the Great Hall, King’s College, London, The Strand, London WC2R 2LS.

For further information, contact the Director of the Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, on:
+44 (0) 20-7287 4414; mobile: 07740-029787: Email:

You can also contact Gerard Batten MEP direct on his cell phone: 07843-423864.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION’S ACCOUNTS NIXED BY E.U. AUDITORS FOR THE 14TH YEAR As this service has recently reiterated, this is the FOURTEENTH YEAR in which the European Union’s Court of Auditors has REFUSED TO SIGN OFF on the European Commission’s accounts.

The Court of Auditors is the tame EU ‘institution’ which is required to ‘validate’ or ‘rubber-stamp’ the European Commission’s accounts. Yet even this tame entity, which was set up precisely in order to provide the EC’s accounts with ‘legitimacy’, hasn’t dared to approve the EC’s finances, because its members fear that if they were to fudge the matter, they could well be held personally liable for the fraudulent finance operations and trickery that surface every year in these accounts.

So to be safe, the Court of Auditors routinely refuses to sign.

In October 2005, we published a complete issue of International Currency Review which exposed massive ongoing and repeated financial fraud inside the structures of the European Commission.

The kind of frauds favoured by these EU parasites is to establish offshore corporations and bank accounts in, say, Luxembourg, and then to direct contracts from inside the European Commission to such controlled, corrupt enterprises, usually with cutouts to ‘disguise’ what is going on.

This type of fraudulent practice has remained rife ever since this rotten German construct was first established: but our own impression is that such frauds have become more and more common as the Eurocracy has developed increasingly sophisticated methods for covering up these activities. Successive British Governments have gone along with all this corruption, as though it was of no consequence: which of course means that Ministers are co-conspirators in these ongoing frauds.

SOPHISTICATED MEANS OF COVERING UP EUROPEAN UNION FRAUD Gimmicks deployed by the Europarastites include ‘calling for’ successive ‘investigations’.

This creates an environment in which the first investigation, after ‘completing its work’ [sic] may be ‘suspended’ pending the outcome of a second investigation. As many as four investigations by different entities within the EU structures have been known to materialise, with the objective being to string investigations out to the end of the European Commission’s six-year term. When the new Commission arrives, these ‘old’ issues are suddenly ‘yesterday’s problem’: ‘That was a matter for the previous Commission. We can’t deal with it. Don’t know anything about it’.

Another favourite trick is to pin the blame onto given ‘Member States’, so that it’s never the Commission’s fault (which is always the reverse of the truth). Anyway, you get the picture.

TO AVOID FURTHER CONTAMINATION, WE MUST WITHHOLD E.U. PAYMENTS The proper response to this scandalous state of affairs is this:

• The British Government must withhold all payments to the European Union’s structures with immediate effect. For the time being, the Value Added Tax taxpayer funds should be paid into a suspense account. The European Commission should be told: You have had 14 years to clean up your accounts and to suppress financial fraud, and you have failed to do so. We are fed up with your endless prevarication and deceit. You are hereby informed, therefore, that all UK payments to the European Union are suspended sine die, until such time as WE are satisfied that your accounts are in order. Furthermore, in view of your recalcitrant failure to comply with appropriate accounting standards, WE will be the judge as to whether, and when, your behaviour and transparency on this score has improved to the point that we will be able to consider releasing the suspended funds.

• You have two years to clean up your act. If you fail to do so to our satisfaction, we will confirm suspension of all taxpayer monies to the European Union indefinitely.

WHAT’S IN THIS FOR GORDON BROWN? RE-ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE… Every other word Gordon Brown employes is ‘global’. He has repeatedly made it crystal clear that he is what he calls an ‘internationalist’, by which he means that he is an international socialist.

So, ON THE FACE OF IT, one would be reluctant to bet on Mr Brown taking up this suggestion, not least since it comes from the Editor of this service. HOWEVER, while all these operatives on the stage are working to The New Underworld Order script, there is ONE THING they ALL consider to be MORE important than the failing internationalist agenda: STAYING IN POWER.

• FACT: If Gordon Brown wants to prolong his premiership out into the future (assuming that his blindness in one eye allows this), he would be well advised to adopt the hardline stance towards the European Union’s finances outlined above. For why? It’s in his own interest! Promulgation of such a policy would ensure a MASSIVE VICTORY for the Labour Government at the next election. This Editor doesn’t like this Government, of course. But our continued membership of the corrupt and failing European Union Collective is even worse. We opt for the lesser of two evils, since it is quite clear that the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party has no guts and is even more brainwashed, if that is conceivable, than the dull, mainly Scottish, masonic ideologues which have taken over Whitehall. (Telephone any part of Whitehall, and the female who answers has a Scottish accent).

THE MAIN FINDINGS OF THIS NEW RESEARCH Gerard Batten’s research findings include the following:

• Total direct and indirect costs of Britain’s catastrophic membership of the EU Collective in 2008 are shown to be £55.775 billion down the drain. Specifically, EU membership this year will have cost us almost £65.675 billion per annum gross, or almost £55.775 billion net.

• Due to endless fraud, it is likely, Mr Batten argues, that the equivalent of Britain’s entire net contribution to the European Union is lining the pockets of EC Eurocrats, politicos and fraudsters.

• By the end of 2008, Britain will have contributed £230.4 billion gross to the EU structures.

• By the end of the current European Commission budget period (ending in 2009), Britain will have made estimated contributions to the EC Budget of £315.4 billion gross and £101.4 billion net.

• EU membership is disastrous for Britain in respect of trade. By 2007, the UK had accumulated a trade deficit with the other EU ‘Member States’ of £383.7 billion. What’s the point of membership given such numbers? These arise, of course, from the fact that we have allowed the Germans, the French and others to ransack our industrial base. It’s OUR fault, but we MUST PUT IT RIGHT.

• The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which has destroyed Britain’s ancient expertise in feeding itself, costs the United Kingdom at least £16.8 billion per annum.

• The Common Fisheries Policy, which has destroyed Britain’s fishing industry in favour of bearded Spaniards, costs Britain at least £3.275 billion annually: for the privilege of seeing its fishing fleet and personnel, not to mention ancient fishing expertise, permanently decimated.

• Excessive nit-picking regulation (the essence, by the way, of Communism) costs the United Kingdom at least £28 billion annually. The latest piece of EC nonsense is that in places where employees work, all electric appliances must have their plugs tested in a special unit, to see whether or not they ‘comply’ with whatever piece of bogus ‘health and safety’ jargon applies. A few days ago, we employed a local firm to refix one of the electric fittings in our building.

They ventilated on this subject, estimating that it would cost us £400 for the privilege of getting this done. Another favourite EC practice is to change regulations very frequently: that means that your ‘compliance’ last year will be out of date next year, generating huge windfall profits for all kinds of players in this corrupt sink of iniquity.

IF YOU STAND UP TO CROOKS, THEY BACK OFF Self-evidently, if Britain were to suspend its contributions to the European Commission’s budget, this would set Britain on a path to getting out of this trap: something that the co-conspiring and feckless British political Establishment is terrified of doing. We have news for these people:

• FACT: Resolution of the global Settlements crisis and the cleaning up of the epidemic of financial fraud which was about to destroy the entire international economy is entirely a consequence of the exposures publicised inter alia on this website.

That is universally acknowledged around the world.

And THIS development is, in turn, a consequence of deciding to STAND UP TO THE CRIMINALS.

Recall from the Gospel of John that when Judas Iscariot, accompanied by a band of thugs with sticks and staves and lanterns, came looking for Jesus Christ, Judas asked: ‘Where is Jesus of Nazareth?’ and He replied: ‘I am He’. Whereupon John reports that ‘they fell back to the ground’.

AN INFALLIBLE INSPIRATION FOR POSITIVE ACTION AGAINST CORRUPTION The Editor of this service takes this passage from Scripture as his infallible inspiration in standing up to these criminal cadres who are destroying our world. Just LOOK what has taken place since we started to expose the fraudulent finance on this website and in our publications.

•FACT: Exactly the SAME will happen when Britain FINALLY does what is necessary, beginning with suspending all taxpayer funds to the European Commission. MONEY TALKS. The world will SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE. And Gordon Brown will be re-elected with a thumping majority.

Meanwhile, Gerard Batten MEP has clearly been thinking along the same lines as us. He says:


• A MASSIVE, EARLY BOOST TO THE ECONOMY: Since EU red tape is holding back the UK economy by £28 billion, equivalent to 2% of UK GDP, it is clear that freeing Britain from such EU control will get Britain out of recession, helping to get British people back to work.

Such a calculation would presuppose the termination of all red tape imposed by the EU on British businesses, which may be optimistic: but the point is that swathes of ‘controls’ could be abolished overnight once the stupid IDOLATRY of EU membership fashionable among the Establishment had been ground into the dust.

• COST-FREE TAX CUTS: British politicians are struggling to explain how they will deliver the tax cuts that the British economy now needs. Yet they have so far refused, because of their myopic idolatry of EU membership, to accept that this money can be found if we stop paying billions of pounds per year of taxpayers’ money into this manipulated, German-dominated political collective where no-one is responsible for anything (because it’s a collective), and so NOBODY CARES.

• It’s not as though we don’t have the perfect pretext for doing this: since the European official structures can’t be bothered to clean up their corrupt finances, Britain needn’t be bothered to pay taxpayers’ money over to these self-interested, corrupt parasites.


Gerard Batten says that a 2% boost to economic growth created by leaving the EU and slashing its excessive red tape would also increase tax revenues by £10.73 billion. Combine that with the direct savings to the Exchequer, and it will allow for a 6p in-the-pound cut in the basic rate of income tax.

The Editor diverges from this approach, because by far the quickest and easiest course would be to suspend all payments to the EU immediately on the basis that the EC’s accounts are fraudulent, given that the Court of Auditors have refused to sign them for 14 years in a row. We don’t in fact need any calculations at all: all we need to do is to STOP the payments NOW.

A HUGE FUND WILL ACCUMULATE VERY QUICKLY Within two years, WELL OVER £100 BILLION will be sitting in the suspense account. Since, on past performance, there is not the slightest chance that the European Commission will ever clean up its financial act, and since WE will be the judge of whether any reform of the EC accounts meets OUR requirements, we won’t need to pay a single penny to the European Union Collective ever again.

• The way will have been paved, at last, for the treachery of that Nazi pervert, the late Edward Heath, to be reversed. And by the way, the Foreign Office notion that we must always be NICE to foreigners is a pathetic delusion! Foreigners don’t respect ‘niceness’. No, the only reality of any relevance is that MONEY TALKS. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

• The Editor GUARANTEES that if Britain were to implement such a simple strategy:

(1) We would get out of imminent depression faster than an eel jumping out of Cockney’s eel pie.

(2) Gordon Brown would be re-elected with a massive majority.

(3) The whole world would sit up and take notice; and:

(4) A FURTHER decisive blow would have been inflicted on The New Underworld Order, on top of the MASSIVE BLOWS that have been administered from all directions as a direct consequence of the simple EXPOSURE strategy of STANDING UP TO THESE CROOKS AND FACING THEM DOWN.

TIME FOR BRITISH GOVERNMENTS TO DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, NOT WHAT THEY WANT British Governments relish DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE BRITISH PEOPLE WANT. That’s why Deutsche Bank, the DVD’s key controlled institution, has been financing Common Purpose, an evil, insidious mind-bending programme run out of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (under that revolting creature John Prescott, anyway) which is engaged in brainwashing cadres throughout the British official structures (the police, local authority personnel, certain military cadres, lazy civil servants, complacent industrialists and their staffs), in one of the most destructive Fifth Column operations ever to have been perpetrated upon British subjects.

• So here’s a nice thought, for a change: Deutsche Bank is now in severe trouble, thanks to our exposures. That means it may even have to pull the financing plug on Common Purpose!

Gerard Batten, adds: ‘If the British Government really believes that membership of the EU is in the interests of the British people, they should commission an independent cost/benefit analysis to demonstrate the economic effects of membership’.

• The Treasury, as indicated above, has always refused to do this, having suppressed its own findings which would hardly buttress the official case for continued EU participation.

In the preceding report, the Editor exposed the British Ministry of Defence for its gross iniquity in operating in Afghanistan to protect the heroin trade [see Archive].

• No official denial of that serious accusation has yet been forthcoming: BECAUSE IT’S ALL TRUE.

• In addition to suspending further British taxpayers’ funding of The European Union Collective, the Enemy of its Member States, British troops should GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN and the UK Government should PUBLICLY RENOUNCE OFFICIAL PARTICIPATION IN THE DRUG BUSINESS.

• Officials evidently throught that no-one would EVER raise this issue. WRONG AGAIN. Just like almost everything they touch these days, policymakers DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE BRITISH PEOPLE WANT. We DON’T WANT to go on supporting the corrupt European Commission and its filthy dirty, unscrupulous financial frauds; and we DON’T WANT our military to continue protecting the US heroin trade, because we DON’T WANT our children to be poisoned and destroyed.

• WELCOME to the overdue COUNTER REVOLUTION against these geomasonic snakes.

• Press Archive above to read the Editor’s exposure of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) and its operations in Afghanistan which are now confirmed as being driven by an ‘imperative’ to control the criminal heroin business. One hears certain cynical sophisticates saying: ‘If we don’t control it, enemies will’. However since the British and American Governments, which should know better, are engaged in drug operations, that alibi won’t fly. Official drug operations in Britain are handled via Government Operations 2 (GO-2), which controls two main drug cartels operating in the United Kingdom. Proceeds from these operations are milked to help finance the captive political parties.

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