Christopher STORY his work & more

This page is a tribute to his work & will increasingly carry the full archive, as he authorised me to do before his death, LINKS may not function but will be updated where possible..



The Work of:

Christopher Story

A web site has been created to enable a group of Christopher Story’s friends and supporters to continue to publish material which relates to his formidable fight against greed and corruption in high places.

His untimely death, after a short illness, on 14-Jul-2010 has deprived many people of his friendship and the world of his courage, integrity and commitment to exposing the theft of vast sums of public money by the world’s ruling elite on both sides of the Atlantic and his encyclopedic knowledge of his field.

As a modest tribute to this remarkable man, the CS onward website will publish any new material which comes to light and which continues his great battle against corruption.

To access work subsequent to Christopher Story’s sad demise


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6 Responses to “CONTINUING”

  1. ira said

    Finally! I found someplace to follow Edward Hale/Christopher Story’s work. I’ve been a big fan of his {Bush/Blair days} before his unexpected death. Ironically he passed away on my birthday. RIP truth-seeker

  2. I can only apologise for the delays in posting the huge balance of material I have!
    Hours in the day seem so frequently to defeat me!
    Do keep checking back.

  3. Iain Colquhoun said

    In Spring 2004 Chris ran my evidence on Canon Kenyon Wright in S.A. The value of this in forestalling his plans for Scottish ‘independence’ and the abolition of Trident is crucial and yet when I sent the evidence to Nigel Farage in UKIP, nothing ensued. Please read that evidence, ackowledged in ‘note 2’ – as originating from myself. I don’t know what the country is coming to when people ignore ‘evidence on G Fawkes’.

    Iain Colquhoun

  4. KJS said

    Mr. Lance-Watkins, I was not aware of the demise of Late Mr. Story – several years ago I ordered a copy of the The Perestroika Deception, and later obtained Golitsyn’s other book. I had an old subscription form for Soviet Analyst in my files for some years, and recently stumbled on it and wanted to both subscribe and also see if Mr Story would allow me to meet him on an upcoming trip of mine to the UK, I had so many questions about not only Golitsyn’s books, but of many other matters relating to the EU and even politics in the States.

    I am sorry to hear of his passing. May I communicate with you by email?

    Thank you

  5. KJS said

    Thank you sir, I will take advantage of your email if that is the best means.
    If you also have a Postal box address I could always write by post, a bit slower but in some ways very satisfactory in this hustle bustle age.

    Kind regards,

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