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• UPDATE: As of 8:00 hrs UK time on Wednesday 28th April 2010, the number of links to our report entitled ‘All UK legislation passed since 2000 is null and void’ had DOUBLED overnight to 22,000. For earlier background, see foot of the article itself [Archive: 10th April 2010].

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NEW REPORT STARTS HERE: WORLD ENGULFED IN TOTAL ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL WARFARE A state of TOTAL, MULTI-LAYERED, ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL WARFARE has now developed, characterised by what Lenin and Gorbachëv refer to as ‘contradictions’ – so that what is about to be summarised in outline may well appear to represent irreconcilable developments and conflicts. Being multi-layered, it has become harder than ever to see clearly through the fog of deception, diversion, disinformation and play-acting.

Therefore it is appropriate at the outset to remind you of the cast-iron rule that these Dark Forces operate EXCLUSIVELY on the basis of ‘contradictions’, duplicity, duplication and the dialectic. If you ever lose sight of this CENTRAL REALITY, you will revert to the state of mental confusion that prevailed before you started kindly reading these reports!

In accordance with the above behaviour, the Dark Actors Playing Games are able to say one thing on Monday while fully cognisant of the fact that what they are saying masks the precise opposite of what is intended. By their works, not their words, ye shall know them.

RECENT SERPENTINE SETTLEMENTS-RELATED DEVELOPMENTS First, though, we have to report certain developments associated with the Settlements theme, which continues notwithstanding what will be revealed below.

To deal with these matters, first, therefore:
• We reported recently that President Obama has inserted himself into the Settlements Release Process by demanding 60% of the proceeds for the quote ‘United States’ unquote (which of course covers the kleptocracy with no checks and balances) rather than 40% (apparently ‘agreed’ earlier).

In this context, we stated that the only number in our vocabulary giving perspective to this was that we had always been informed that the tax payable given on-the-books transactions for the Dollar Refunding purposes (generating taxation accruals from the private sector into the US Treasury, for placement ONTO the Treasury’s books for continuous offsetting against the Federal Government’s colossal and doubled ‘background debt’), would be 35%.

We therefore presumed that this new talk of 60% rather than 40% represented bargaining in the background over the tax level payable. However the more sinister interpretation must be that the President of the United States is demanding 60% of the total Settlements for unspecified purposes (i.e. further illicit self-enrichment and Fraudulent Finance and trading operations).
• It has now been CONFIRMED to us (as of 11:10 hrs UK time on 25th April) that the following US criminalist parties have DEMANDED to be paid $1.3 trillion from the Settlement Funds:

George H. W. Bush Sr. George Soros Carlyle Group [of which President Sarkozy’s half-brother Olivier is an executive].

Although we accurately trailered the CIA’s intention to steal $1.3 trillion (reporting it in fact as a fait accompli) many weeks ago [see Archive], further information about this intended OFFICIAL THEFT was first made available to us on 30th March 2010 and has now been CONFIRMED, as indicated above. In other words, the top criminals and their lackeys are being paid off.

WAVE OF ARRESTS AGAIN REPORTED IN THE UNITED STATES Meanwhile, has been renewed outbreak of arrests of bankers arising from their refusal to carry out payment instructions. Specifically the following arrests were reported to us after finalisation of the preceding analysis in this series:
• Over the ten days to Sunday 25th April approximately THIRTY people were arrested in the United States (no further details). It is understood that there was ‘heavy activity’ over the weekend.
• On Monday 19th April, a number of bank officials at Bank of America, Charlotte, the main base of the CIA’s primary institution were said to have been arrested.
• On Tuesday 20th April a number of arrests of officials at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas were reported to have been arrested.
• On Wednesday 21st April, four officials at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond were reported to have been arrested. This, of course, is highly significant, in view of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Motion to Dismiss on 19th October 2007, in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria, a hearing attended by your correspondent.
• During the IMF Spring Meetings weekend, the entire area around Crystal City was deprived of cell phone and Internet connections for about an hour, during a period when Obama was in North Carolina. The Editor normally stays in the Crystal City area when visiting Washington, DC.
• HOWEVER, we understand that very determined efforts, evident from the roster of arrests, are being made to procure completion of certain Settlements payouts this week. No such ‘indications’ can ever be relied upon, though, as the fog of deception serves the purposes of obfuscation.

THAT BANK OF ENGLAND MEETING ON 9TH APRIL REVIEWED According to further information received, the Settlements payments were in full swing as of 21st April, there being less than one page of transfer codes remaining before completion.

In the preceding report, we indicated that, at the special meeting convened at the extraordinary hour of 10.00 pm on 9th April 2010, at which all outstanding matters, including the issue of the $6.2 trillion loan money and the restoration of The Queen’s stolen gold, were reported to us to have been ‘resolved’, the funds were duly sent over to the United States to facilitate the payouts.

However with the benefit of ‘further and better particulars’, we are now advised that what actually happened was as follows:
• The meeting ‘resolved’ the outstanding issues as stated above.
• The meeting agreed to or indicated that it would send over the funds.
• Common sense evidently prevailed at the last moment, when it was finally understood, at long last, that THE U.S. AUTHORITIES CANNOT EVER BE TRUSTED, so the funds were NOT SENT OVER. In this context, it is possible (although we don’t know) that the $6.2 trillion may now be lodged outside the United States (hence Citibank’s rapid downsizing).

It is possible that the servants of the British Monarchical Power belatedly saw to it that previous lackadaisical ‘mistakes’ by the Bank of England were not to be repeated. After all, EVERYONE CONCERNED has now, surely, had AMPLE TIME, to grasp and to understand that the criminalist cadres controlling the United States are all DESPERATE MEN and have no other modus operandi but to continue with their scamming and orchestrated thievery and duplicity, with not the slightest intention of ‘going straight’, whatever they may deceitfully profess.

CAUTION; As we stated in Note (9) of the preceding report, such information is extremely hard to come by, and it can only, therefore, be acquired by observation, deduction and, if we are lucky, as a consequence of leaks. However this is the state of affairs ‘to the best of our knowledge and belief’.

THE ARRESTS AND JAILING OF EDDIE GEORGE AND GREENSPAN It will be recalled that in the summer of 2007, we published, as FACT, that the former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord ‘Eddie’ George, had been arrested and jailed (in July 2007). We did not receive a libel writ from Lord George’s solicitors. Lord George died in April 2009. The reason that we didn’t receive a libel writ was that the information was of course accurate.

What we didn’t know until the first quarter of this year was WHY Lord George had been arrested. And the answer to that is that he was instrumental, in collaboration with Greenspan, in the stealing and alienation the Queen’s gold, effectively swapping it for worthless securities/pieces of paper. We suspected that this was the case, but we only obtained confirmation recently.

In June 2007, we also reported that Dr Alan Greenspan was likewise arrested and jailed. (He is believed to have been arrested several times). We duly reported this information on this website and in International Currency Review. Again, we did not receive a libel writ from Dr Greenspan’s lawyers, because the information was accurate. And one reason for his arrest was that Greenspan had assisted George with the heist of The Queen’s gold, which we alone reported in May 2007.

Our knowledge of this unbelievable abomination arose purely because on 29th-30th March 2007, an unannounced banking ‘blackout’ occurred in the United Kingdom.
• When such abrupt banking ‘blackouts’ occur, someone is usually up to no good.

The Editor became aware of this because he walked into a T-Mobile store on Victoria Street, Central London, to top up his mobile, using a Visa Card, which had good credit, but suddenly wouldn’t approved a payment of a mere £20.00.

On making further enquiries he discovered that this problem had arisen everywhere. Gradually, information about the stealing and diversion of gold belonging to the British Monarchical Power accumulated, so we published this in outline in May 2007 – in response to which a US operative stated: ‘I find that hard to believe’. We therefore told the operative to cease all contact, since if what we say is ‘hard to believe’, by definition there’s no point in having any further conversations.

Dr Alan Greenspan, George H. W. Bush Sr.’s criminal financial ‘technician’, has, we now learn, long been indicted by a Grand Jury, and is therefore a candidate for being ‘taken down’, irrespective of his age (which we suppose might let him off the hook). However mass Holocaust murderers in their eighties have been arrested, put on trial and jailed: so there’s no reason why ANY MERCY should be meted out to this criminal, who has destroyed countless lives and thrown the United States into a terminal tailspin (see below), from which it may only narrowly escape.

EARLIER ABORTED PAYOUT AGAIN LINKED TO SERPENTINE SABOTAGE Following the further sabotage of the Settlements process on Wednesday 21st April, a renewed outbreak of snake-like behaviour among certain operatives was detected. All of a sudden, the various ‘concrete’ confirmations and undertakings that had been forthcoming two weeks earlier, were reversed, and these people started reverting to earlier delusions and misrepresentations.

Furthermore, there were renewed indications that the felon Lee/Leo Wanta was to be used as a cover to divert key funds, as planned: so, for that reason, we reveal hitherto unpublished detail of Fraud in the Inducement with which Wanta and his CIA lawyer, Steven Goodwin, were involved with respect to the Editor’s stolen $35,000 loan, below – together with further information reconfirming that this man is a recalcitrant, dangerous financial terrorist, assisted by known criminal operatives. We place this information at the end of this report.

UNDECLARED ALL-OUT FINANCIAL WARFARE AGAINST THE REST OF THE WORLD What has become clearer is that the Obama Administration of the Crooked Continuum is intent on conducting all-out economic and financial warfare against the Rest of the World, while purporting to be collaborating with certain elements of it (especially the Chinese, who appear to have ‘lost their bottle’ and to be scared to utilise the immense powers that they deploy as Lien holders) in order to ‘divide and rule’ – the White House’s main tactical objective having been to try to separate out and isolate the British Monarchical Power and also those components of MI-6 and certain other British intelligence structures who may not be engaged in double-crossing and betraying The Queen out of perverse preference for the fashionable idolatry of German ‘cooperation’, you understand).

U.S. BANKS: WE WON’T PAY WITHOUT A LEGALLY CODIFIED GUARANTEE THAT WE CAN’T EVER GO TO THE WALL Within this strategy is a perverse renewed and ongoing White House intent to circumnavigate the Basel List payment instructions and to sidestep Basel-II. The pretext for all this is that the US banks in question are now maintaining that they will not disgorge any of the stolen, diverted and illegally acquired monies, including the monies they have been making from Settlement funds via further trading, without their continued existence being GUARANTEED by the Federal Government, with the necessary provisions codified in law so that they cannot go bankrupt. It will be recalled that Bank of America refused to disgorge on the grounds that it would collapse if it did.

‘CONTRADICTIONS’ OF THE ARRESTS WITH WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE IS ACTUALLY DOING AND INTENDING Yet, notwithstanding all of the above, the arrests identified to us on the basis of reports, have been taking place precisely because these US criminal enterprises have been refusing to disgorge the funds. That is just one dimension of the current ‘contradictions’ referenced at the beginning of this report. (Four US institutions reportedly control $7.0 trillion of ‘real money’ – plus 50% of Credit Card business, and 75% of US ‘real money’ liquidity. The institutions concerned are Citibank, the Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo: Goldman Sachs ought perhaps to be included),

LEGISLATING FOR THE U.S. WEIMAR REPUBLIC So, on the one hand, the immense pressure being exerted against financial institutions, with no leniency being extended towards complicit Federal Reserve Banks either, continues; while on the other hand – as explained below – legislative measures are being assembled to procure a state of affairs which would get the banks off the hook while at the same time enabling the organised criminal operatives inside the structures:
• To perpetuate the racketeering financial carousel on such a scale as to guarantee that the United States WILL experience a Wiemar-style hyperinflation and currency collapse.
• To perform the US Dollar Refunding operation in a corrupt and wholly counterproductive manner from within the US Treasury, in precise opposition to the necessity for the Refunding to take place SOUNDLY in the private (NOT the Government) sector, so that the resulting accruals are taxed and placed onto the US Treasury’s books – thereby counteracting and diminishing the irresponsibly incurred, wholly unnecessary official debt that has been accumulated since Obama came to power (doubling in two years the aggregate of debt reported by the Office of Management and Budget).
• INSTEAD OF WHICH, in order to RETAIN TOTAL CONTROL and to protect themselves from the consequences of their past serial illegal financial manipulations involving securitisation, which is illegal, and all the other unfettered breaches of the Rule of Law over which they have presided, they are content for ‘background’ debt to be accumulated on a Weimar scale with no thought for tomorrow. So long as they’re off the hook (as they foolishly imagine), that’s all that matters.
• Except that the course they intend will destroy ALL VALUE, will degrade the US dollar, will plunge the world economy into the Grandfather of all depressions, will precipitate uncontrolled physical strife and warfare, will result in the breakup of all multinational institutions, will despatch numerous already bankrupt institutions to the wall, will destroy personal and corporate savings, will decimate whole swathes of the industial and agricultural economy everywhere, and will condemn the world to the possibility that modern civilisation will actually collapse as power supplies will be disrupted and electronic communications and payments systems will cease to function. That’s just a brief summary of HOW EVIL THESE FINANCIAL TERRORISTS ARE, how STUPID AND ARROGANT THEY ARE, and why, for as long as they remain in control, THE WORLD WILL CONTINUE TO DESCEND INTO THIS MAELSTROM OF ALL-OUT ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL DECADENCE.
• And this is ALL a DIRECT consequence of the takeover of the Central Intelligence Agency by the pan-German cadre, de facto heirs of the Nazi Abwehr (military intelligence), aided and abetted by their Zionazi allies, and their visceral hatred of the ‘Main Enemy’.

You can dismiss this out of hand if you prefer, but you will find to your distress that what we have been saying on this score is has been correct all along.

PRECARIOUS SUBSTITUTE FOR ACTUAL WORLD WAR THIS ALL-OUT ECONOMIC WARFARE is supposed to substitute for actual violence and military hostilities; but the way things are going, that substitution will collapse.

We turn now to the mechanism whereby the criminalist serpents holding supreme power in the United States intend, as they see it, to ‘slide out from under’ so as to retain total control for themselves and their cronies – ensuring a catastrophic Weimar-style outcome in the process.

OBAMA’S DECEITFUL SPEECH AT THE COOPER UNION, NEW YORK Speaking at the Cooper Union, New York City on 22nd April, Mr Barack Obama continued with his sudden campaign to ‘control derivatives’ – buttressed by a separate sound-bite observation, for public consumption, that he would veto any financial reform Bill sent to him for signature that does not ‘control derivatives’. In that case, manifestly, the President must veto the convoluted (draft) Bill emerging thanks to Stalin’s grandson, Senator Christopher Dodd, from the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, labelled as a (draft) Bill: ‘To promote the financial stability of the United States by improving the accountability and transparency of the financial system, to end ‘too big to fail’, to protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts, to protect consumers from abusive financial services practices, and for other purposes’.
• This Bill now has a number: 3217, and the title: Restoring America Financial Stability Act.
• The title of this iniquitous draft legislation should read: Destroying America Financial Dictatorship and Instability Act 2010.

GROSS WHITE HOUSE MISREPRESENTATION OF WHAT THE DODD BILL WILL DELIVER This draft Bill, as published, runs to 1,336 pages; but according to the respected former Federal Government economist, Lawrence Lindsey, speaking on CNBC between 8:01 hrs and 8:05 hours on 22nd April, the actual length of the Bill is 1407 pages – implying that there are 71 pages containing stuff of such sensitivity that US and foreign observers wont be allowed to read what they contain. Mr Lindsey made three points, after perusing the text of this iniquitous (see below) Senate Bill:
• The Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will gain the power to extend UNLIMITED LOAN GUARANTEES to financial institutions.
• The Federal Reserve will gain the codified power to take collateral from the banks and to lend against it (perpetually institutionalising the previously ‘short-term’ TALF arrangements).
• A ‘rainy day’ fund with loan guarantees will constitute a separate Government-administered fund, with a demanded base of $50 billion. This is identical to the ‘rainy day’ fund that the Grand Jury-indicted Greenspan exploited on an open-ended basis on behalf of the CIA/DVD Bush Crime nexus for Fraudulent Finance purposes.

‘COUP D’ETAT BY INSTALLMENTS’ BY STALIN’S GRANDSON Mr Lindsey didn’t have time during that slot to say more, but he gave the necessary ‘heads-up’ to ensure that those not asleep on their brains would make haste to research the CONtent and the intent of this iniquitous Bill introduced by Stalin’s grandson. In two nutshells, the Dodd Bill:
• Codifies ‘Too Big To Fail’ ensuring that BANKS CAN NEVER GO BANCKRUPT, so that the corrosive Fraudulent Finance carousel racketeering activity can be continued sine die.
• Facilitates the ‘full transparency’ of the banks’ balance sheets by enabling their worthless off-balance sheet accruals to be ‘expunged from the record’ (shoved into an unaccountable black hole) with securitisation assets simply recreated so that the carousel can continue, also sine die. Essentially, the accrued off-balance sheet Fraudulent Finance disappear into a vacuum. But:
• The ‘other side of the Government’s balance sheet accrues debt on a scale with no historical precedent, guaranteeing that Weimar will be recalled as a pleasurable experience.
• As explained above, this is all being arranged amid a barrage of crass double-speak in order to sidestep the Basel List, the Basel-II requirements, the private sector Refunding Programme using the sovereign loan money provided by the British Monarchical Power, and to entice the Chinese, who appear to have lost their nerve, to continue the carousel. (Until the United States and China collapse in tandem, of course).

One can perhaps now more easily understand why President Sarkozy didn’t care if the TV cameras caught him screaming vituperative hatred at Russian President Medvedev, and calling President Obama ‘insane’. Because the covert Soviets haven’t been quite as stupid in this connection as the avaricious and corrupted French and Germans.

In the circumstances, we can now perhaps characterise President Sarkozy as having been rather polite on both occasions. For France is stuffed, like Germany, to the gills with the consequences of US Fraudulent Finance scamming transactions (think the 3,000+ Bush Crime Family-linked accounts an Paribas, and the colossal volume of worthless derivatives assets held by Deutsche Bank AG, Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank).

OBAMA’S OUTRIGHT LIES TO THE ASSEMBLED BANKERS Mr Lawrence Lindsey’s CNBC observations preceded the address given by President Obama at the Cooper Union, in which Mr Barack Obama – the man who has allowed the entire official debt of the American Treasury incurred over the best part of a century to double in the space of just two years because he perversely refused to permit the transparent, taxable private sector Dollar Refunding Programme using the sovereign loan fund of $6.2 trillion to be implemented because control would have been partly wrested from the hands of the criminal financial enterprises and their cronies holding high office and elsewhere within the structures – made the following weasel statement, which is the precise REVERSE OF THE TRUTH:

‘It is essential that we learn the lessons from this crisis so that we don’t doom ourselves to repeat it’.
• FACT: The draft Dodd Bill won’t just have the effect of REPEATING the crisis, it will GUARANTEE A CRISIS 100 TIMES WORSE – AND BY DESIGN.

Now the draft Senate Bill from Dodd establishes (see below) an Office of Financial Research situated INSIDE THE TREASURY. This Office Committee will set up a DICTATORSHIP, as we will be explaining – something, obviously, that Stalin’s grandson could not possibly have any objection to.

But first, Mr Obama’ speech at the Cooper Union (part of a broader campaign by the White House to ensure support for this bad Bill – which is designed to enable the kleptocracy to enjoy unlimited, perpetuated and unquestioned freedom and power to engage in open-ended Fraudulent Finance Racketeering operations, while, in the tradition of DUPLICITOUS DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS, claiming to ensure financial sector and economic stability and no danger of repetition of the 2007-2009 crisis) – embraced several numbered points which we can refute right away:
• First, ‘we need a system [provided via the Dodd Bill] to shut these firms down’. FACT: As will be shown below, the Senate draft will hand the Office of Financial Research UNLIMITED POWERS to close down any bank or other financial (and commercial) entity AT HOME AND ABROAD handling US dollars that they consider to be a ‘threat’ ostensibly to the security of the United States, but in reality to the intended closed Fraudulent Finance carousel institutionalising criminal operations by the organized control kleptocracy. THEY WANT TO ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION.

THE SINISTER OFFICE OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH INSIDE THE U.S. TREASURY: LOCUS OF THE INTENDED WORLD FINANCIAL DICTATORSHIP Specifically, the authority to be given to the sinister-sounding intelligence agency to be called the Office of Financial Research, the powers of which will be comprehensive, absolute and arbitrary, will include powers to close down OFFSHORE ENTITIES. Thus ANY financial or business entity that is dealing in or handling US dollars anywhere in the world will be vulnerable to being shut down by the internal US Treasury Committee that will be making all the decisions, behind closed doors, as to which entities should be allowed to exist, and which entities should be closed down – on no basis other that a subjective determination that the entity may be a potential threat to the security of the United States (that is to say, to the closed Fraudulent Finance racketeering, trading and platform operations protected and codified in perpetuity by this iniquitous control legislation).
• A SPECIFIC EXAMPLE would be a Dollar Refunding entity operated from London: see below.
• On the face of it, this drastic, insane (as Sarkozy indicated), apparent own-goal arrangement could ensure that foreigners cease conducting transactions in US dollars altogether – thereby destroying the United States’ hegemony over energy products (denominated in US dollars), and forcing China, Russia, Britain, Japan and European countries to operate using other currencies.

But in practice, given the presence around the world of US corporations trading in US dollars, this provision codifies the power of the US dollar, while at the same time prospectively destroying the Euro, the pound and any other currencies, including the Chinese reminbi, and related structures, standing in its way. In the process, the US dollar system will become a catastrophically decadent, inflation-generating global system under the ‘corporate’ control of the rats – the continuing and successor rats within the Bush-Clinton-Cheney-DVD Box Gang and associated Fascist criminalist components of the Nazi-minded enemies of humanity.
• Secondly ‘the Bill would also enact what’s known as the Volcker Rule’… [which] ‘places some limits on the size of banks and the kinds of risks that banking institutions can take. FACT: The Volcker Rule becomes completely inconsequential in the light of Dodd.
• Thirdly ‘reform would bring a new transparency to many financial markets’. Obama said that ‘many practices were so opaque, so confusing, so complex, that people inside the [trading] firms didn’t understand them, much less those who were charged with overseeing them’ [curious, then, how the SEC joined in the Fraudulent Finance bonanza itself under Mr George W. Bush’s criminal Administration: see CMKX Complaint, 9th January 2010, et seq.: Archive].

‘They weren’t fully aware of the massive bets that were being placed. That’s what led [the CIA operative/asset – Ed.] Warren Buffett to describe derivatives that were bought and sold with little oversight as ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ – because, as Mr Barack Obama DID NOT SAY, securitisation is illegal in the United States [see Archive].

So, greater transparency? Not at all. On the contrary, the Dodd Bill will MAXIMISE THE POTENTIAL FOR ONGOING CONFUSION, because there will in fact be no clear set of rules (AS THE 1933 AND 1934 SECURITIES ACTS WILL BE OVERRIDDEN UNDER DODD: see below). The only ‘rules’ will be those arbitrarily specified by the new Treasury-based below-the-radar intelligence organisation to be named Office of Financial Research. So, if a financial entity wants to do something, whether new’ or not, it will have to obtain this internal US Treasury Committee’s prior agreement.

And since, as we have amply shown, the US Treasury is a notoriously duplicitous and corrupt institution, engaged ‘as we speak’ in disreputable Fraudulent finance operations, can BRIBERY of officials within the Office of Financial Research be far away? Of course not.
• In the fourth place ‘this plan (Dodd) would enact the strongest consumer financial protections ever’. FACT: Once the ominous-sounding Office of Financial Research has been established and is operative inside the us Treasury, the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) will have nothing to do. Because it will be up against an arbitrary power centre subject to no checks and balances which will make up the rules as it goes along, thereby ensuring that whatever the CPA imagines that it is supposed to be doing, could be upset and overruled at any moment. And of course the draft Dodd Senate legislation provides that none of the more drastic provisions can be repealed.
• In the fifth place ‘These Wall Street reforms will give shareholders new power in the financial system. They will get what we call a say on pay, a voice with respect to the salaries and bonuses awarded to top executives. And the SEC will have the authority to give shareholders more say in corporate elections, so that investors and pension holders have a stronger rôle in determining who manages the company in which they’ve placed their savings. FACTS: As demonstrated below, not only does the Senate draft Bill override the Securities and Exchange Act, but also NO MENTION whatsoever of what Obama talked about here is found in the published pages of the Bill.

WHO’LL BE IN CHARGE OF THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH? WHY, STALIN’S GRANDSON, OF COURSE Now Senator Christopher Dodd is stepping down from the Legislature and is not standing for re-election. Who do you suppose will emerge as the first Secretary of the Treasury for the Office of Financial Research? Why, Senator Dodd, STALIN’S GRANDSON, himself, don’t you know. As we have repeatedly stated, pan-German and covert Soviet intelligence collaborate and share their common interests at the highest level: and Stalin’s grandson operates at the highest level.

MAIN PROVISIONS OF THIS INIQUITOUS DRAFT LEGISLATION Pending a planned detailed analysis by this service of this iniquitous and duplicitous legislation, which (in accordance with the double-mindedness dialectical methodology routinely employed by these people, as we have seen) purports ‘to promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system’ but does the exact opposite, the Bill promoted by Stalin’s grandson would procure as follows.

The Dodd (Senate) Bill, which analysts are already saying they ‘don’t understand’ and which is already the subject of confusion-mongering and obfuscation by ‘spinmeisters’:
• Will supercede the Securities Acts 1933 and 1934.
• Will, as reported above, establish an unaccountable intelligence and oppression mechanism within the US Treasury with unfettered dictatorial and arbitrary powers that can be applied without checks and balances at home and abroad, ominously called the Office of Financial Research.
• Will place the US Treasury in a position where it can do anything it likes with no checks and balances, with total impunity, so that corrupt finance will be ‘legitimised’ by the co-conspiring US Congress, institutionalising racketeering by the organised criminal cadres operating from within the US structures that have been systematically exposed since 2005-06.

POWERS OF THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH The Office of Financial Research will be empowered to:
• Declare any non-bank financial institution or entity ANYWHERE to be a threat to US security.
• Having made such an arbitrary determination without checks and balances, take steps to destroy the entity in question, DECLARING its existence and operations to be null and void.
• Decide, without accountability or regard to the Rule of Law, let alone to so-called ‘alliances’ and the despised ‘Special Relationship’, who and what is ‘an enemy of the United States’.
• Accordingly, arbitrarily target any non-bank financial entity, or ANY entity HANDLING AND TRADING IN U.S. DOLLARS, i.e. ANY FOREIGN CORPORATION, FOR ‘TAKEDOWN’ WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR EXPLANATION. Any entity using US dollars would be vulnerable to such unilateral arbitrary action.
• Put another way and by extension, ‘take down’ any non-United States-based institution, broker-dealer or other entity to which the Office of Financial Research takes objection – which is to say, ANY entity, at home or abroad, that is arbitrarily considered by the Office of Financial Research, with the full authority of the US Secretary of the Treasury, to represent A THREAT TO THEIR ONGOING PERMISSIVE FRAUDULENT FINANCE RACKETEERING OPERATIONS.

THE REAL PURPOSE: TO PREVENT THE DOLLAR REFUNDING FROM LONDON FACT: As you are aware, the planned fully transparent, taxable, visible on-balance sheet, US Dollar refunding operation is the undisputed solution to the United States’ self-imposed crisis (which it has inflicted for self-interested and revolutionary reasons on the Rest of the World). This Group of Seven-approved mechanism, using sovereign loan funds for the purpose, delivers windfall taxes into the hands and onto the books of the US Treasury in full view, forcing the US Treasury to credit them (so that they cannot be diverted, which is what the corrupt US Treasury objects to) against the permissive, pointless, avoidable, unnecessary and corrosive ‘background’ official Federal debt incurred by this reckless Administration and its predecessors.
• HOWEVER, the hidden intent buried within the draft Dodd Senate Bill is in reality to declare this US Dollar Refunding operation A THREAT TO THE SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES AND TO HAVE IT CLOSED DOWN. In other words, these criminals intend to procure that the single, agreed-upon and sound, reliable solution to the entire crisis is A THREAT TO THE SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES, i.e., THE SOUND SOLUTION THREATENS THEIR RACKETEERING OPS.

In summary, therefore, the provisions buried inside the colossal Dodd draft Bill from the Senate which would empower the Office of Financial Research arbitrarily to DECLARE any non-bank entity at home or abroad to be a ‘threat to the security of the United States’ and therefore a candidate for being ‘taken down’ with its operations to be deemed by unaccountable apparatchiks to be null and void, are SPECIFICALLY AND INTENTIONALLY targeted at the planned on-balance sheet US Dollar Refunding Programme deploying the sovereign loan funds provided pro bono humanitas that’s to be managed by the US Securities expert Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., from London – all necessary arrangements having been made effective from the end of May 2009 for that purpose, given the intransigence of the official US control kleptocracy in this regard.

Moreover the US Treasury Secretary will be empowered to:
• Invest in any asset, activity, operation or programme without visibility, accountability or checks and balances that they like (so much for ‘accountability’).
• Issue arbitrary and CLANDESTINE instructions, as we have seen, to the Treasury’s Office of Financial Research to target and ‘take down’ any entity, whether within the US jurisdiction or offshore, that he considers to be a ‘threat’, i.e. to be getting in the way of them, US Treasury’s unfettered, permissive, hidden trading program and clandestine (CIA) racketeering operations.

DUPLICITOUS LEGISLATION INSTITUTIONALISES RACKETEERING And it has recently come to light that the US Treasury is so desperate to continue its reckless racketeering activities below the radar, that it is currently, as we speak, engaged in clandestine program trading operations with selected counterparty ‘takers’ involving the arbitrary issuance of Treasury Securities for use as collateral at a de facto interest yield of 50%.

In other words, the Geithner Treasury is ALREADY generating massive volumes of ‘trashets’ below the radar, over and above what is implied by its permissive formal financing operations to ‘manage’ the $4.5 trillion of additional and completely unnecessary debt that the Obama régime is proudly incurring in the space of two years (doubling in just two years the officially REPORTED debt burden accumulated by the Treasury in almost a full century).

It is ALREADY the case that the reckless, ill-advised, permissive measures taken by the Obama Administration to date have condemned American taxpayers to generations of higher taxes than are ‘necessary’, given that NONE OF THIS DEBT need have been incurred AT ALL had the US Dollar Refunding Programme using the sovereign $6.2 loan funds provided pro bono humanitas on 19th-20th June 2007 been used for the purpose for which it was intended – instead of being hijacked by the organised kleptocracy embedded in the US structures, beginning at the White House and the controlling criminalised US Intelligence Power.

But now, with the Republican Party – increasingly seen abroad as a hotbed of dirty dealing and criminality – desperate to continue Fraudulent Finance racketeering as though there had never been any discontinuity – the Dodd Bill, or what emerges from the Senate, is more than likely to be enacted, ‘enabling’ Obama to sign it into law.
• UPDATE, 28th April 2010: A trusted New York US financial expert observer known personally to the Editor of this service provides the following elaboration to the first paragraph under the heading given immediately above. We reproduce his very illuminating observations verbatim:

‘To some degree, this type of percentage return corresponds with what I was told last week with regard to a certain offered Dollar Investment Program that ‘promises’ upwards of an 800% return over a two- to three-year period, the minimum investment being $100 million. I don’t know all the specifics, as yet, though a very trusted and knowledgeable non-USA source says he checked same out, in depth, and it appears to be framed in a very legitimate program’.

Our correpsondent continues that ‘my comment to him was’:

‘In my humble opinion, this Tooth Fairy-promised return can only be possible if one is the owner of a commercial bank utilizing the fractional reserve system, wherein near-zero interest paid for USA Treasury funds is multiplied by a factor of 9x times, then the resultant amount is self-traded at 100x leverage within the foreign exchange spot and forward markets. Add in the advantage of criminal pre-notification of US Treasury and currency decisions as they will affect the dollar exchange rates, telling one where to place their long and short 100-to1 leveraged trading bets, and there you have your ‘guaranteed’ near-infinity return on investment, whereby a ‘nearly free’ borrowed US$1.0 times 9, times 100, yields a US$900 now-leveraged bet that, in turn, earns many multiples of itself. Absent the foregoing, it’s an outright fraud, a planned Ponzi scheme’.
• Editor’s further comment: Under the so-called ‘Restoring America Financial Stability Act’, which means the opposite of what it professes, THE U.S. TREASURY CAN DO ANYTHING, and will MOST CERTAINLY engage in the origination of such contracts, which will degrade the dollar to zero and will GUARANTEE an outcome FAR WORSE THAN WEIMAR, ENGULFING THE WHOLE WORLD.

‘NULL AND VOID’ AND ‘MISPRISION OF FELONY’ The manipulators within the components of the Intelligence Power theoretically retain the option to procure, by whatever means they may deem feasible, to have Obama removed from office as an impostor – although in practice, since he was sworn into office by the Chief Justice (who made a deliberate mistake in the process, but Obama was subsequently re-sworn inside the White House behind closed doors soon afterwards, OSTENSIBLY by the Chief Justice), the Supreme Court would be destroying what remains of its own credibility by concurring in any such process short of actual impeachment. However it remains the case that all laws and Executive Orders signed by Mr Obama could subsequently be found to be null and void – a possibility recently taken up by Mr G. Gordon Liddy, a Box Gang operative, in his broadcast programme on 20th April 2010, taking a leaf out of this Editor’s report revealing that ‘All UK legislation since 2000 is null and void’. Specifically, Liddy (the felon of Watergate and Cheneygate), who is both an attorney and also a ‘former’ FBI agent, asserted, in response to Artie from Chicago who asked what the fate of the Obama health care legislation might be, responded: ‘Any bill signed into law… by non-President Obama would be null and void’. He then repeated the phrase ‘null and void’ shortly afterwards.

And in a separate radio show on the same date, Liddy spent an hour on the case of Colonel Lakin, who is to be court-marshalled because he is refusing deployment orders on the ground that he doesn’t know who his Commander-in-Chief is. In this broadcast, Liddy showed to ‘the interested’ that he had read our report entitled ‘All UK legislation passed since 2000 is null and void’ (which, at 07:51 hrs on 26th April 2010 had accumulated 10,500 links, and was up to no less than 10,900 links by Tuesday morning 27th April, by the way). Specifically, Liddy referred twice to Obama’s legislation and Executive Orders being ‘null and void’, indicating a reference by transference, to our report.

We stress, however, that our study of the way the Soviet Leninists operate (in the context of our work for Soviet Analyst) reveals that what the controllers have procured by placing Obama in the top slot is just AN OPTION to proceed as suggested above, depending (as Lenin would have put it) on the ‘correlation of forces’. For don’t forget, these people all use Lenin’s modus operandi.

Close and reliable observers in the United States have also informed us that reference to ‘Misprision of Felony’ is increasingly noticed in the public domain. Isn’t that interesting?

GENERAL POWERS TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE U.S. TREASURY At the Cooper Union, the audience of financiers applauded when Mr Obama ventilated populist sentiments, and failed to grasp that the intended legislation contradicts what came out of his mouth. This is because these people live in a one-dimensional universe and do not, as a rule, understand that policy is dictated by a narrow clique of controlled, organised criminal Fascist revolutionary kleptocrats in their own interests who make common cause with Lenin (globalism being, of course, profoundly Leninist). No doubt among their number will have been bankers who will have ordered the colossal Dodd draft text to be perused with the proverbial fine toothcomb.

It will be interesting to see whether any of their number sticks his head out to warn of the terrible consequences that will ensue, not just for the United States but for the whole world, if this truly iniquitous piece of dirty US legislation reaches the tarnished Statute Book.

More generally, what Stalin’s grandson does in this draft senate Bill is essentially to TRASNFER GENERAL POWERS TO THE U.S. TREASURY – the self-same technique that the covert pan-German Continuum has used to entice the weak European nations into the European Union Collective. What Britain and these countries have blindly done is to confuse ‘cooperation’ with collectivism and entrapment.

On accession, the intended satrap nation state transfers GENERAL POWERS to the unelected control apparat in Brussels, which is devoid of any meaningful checks and balances despite the convoluted arrangements laid down in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, and is dominated by the Franco-German alliance institutionalised by the treaty of the Elysée of January 1963, of indefinite duration.

THE GENERAL POWERS TRANSFER MODEL: HITLER’S PUTSCH IN 1933 AND THE EUROPEAN UNION COLLECTIVE As we have revealed, this apparat is institutionally corrupt, since the European Commission’s accounts have specifically NOT been approved by the EU’s own Court of Auditors located in Luxembourg, for the past 14 years. This means of course that the European Commission [EC] is a criminal enterprise, which is continuing to ‘trade’ using taxpayers’ money when it cannot account for the funds it has consumed for the past 14 years.

The UK Serious Fraud Office has placed on the record through its official John Craig, confirmation of the basic fact that it is a criminal offence for taxpayers’ funds to be remitted into the hands of a criminal enterprise. By extension, therefore, it is also a criminal offence for the British and other governments to continue paying Value Added Tax (VAT) receipts over to the European Commission KNOWING THAT THE E.C.’S ACCOUNTS HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR THE PAST 14 YEARS.
• Taxpayers are accordingly being defrauded by the British (and other craven) EU satrap regimes.

The earlier version of a catastrophic transference of GENERAL POWERS into the hands of an unaccountable dictatorship occurred on 23rd March 1933, when Adolf Hitler (Schickelgruber), having resorted to intimidation and mendacity and banning the Communist deputies from the Reichstag following the contrived ‘red scare’ triggered by the Reichstag Fire, managed to secure the necessary two-thirds majority in the new Reichstag for an ENABLING ACT that transferred legislative authority from the Reichstag itself to his Cabinet, ostensibly for four years (1).

‘A wave of Nazi purges followed, as one institution after another was subjugated. Arbitrary rule replaced government by law in what has aptly been termed a “coup d’état by installments” (2). By summer, all parties except the Nazis had been dissolved…’.

HOW ARE THE MIGHTY IN THE PROCESS OF FALLING Our Malaysian correspondent, Matthias Chang, has provided the following description of what happened when Tony Blair appeared at a pyramid-shaped (i.e. globalist-esoteric, as in Las Vegas, Astana (Kazakhstan) and other deluded geomasonic ‘points of light’ locations around the world), on 24th April 2010 to provide a confused audience with the benefit of his sterile prognostications. The following report, which has been widely disseminated, is reproduced verbatim:

War criminal Tony Blair, the keynote speaker at the National Achievers Conference organised by Success Resources, a sycophant Singapore outfit at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, hid in fear at the threat that members of the Malaysian anti-war NGOs would throw slippers at him and that members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission would serve an indictment for war crimes.

Extensive security measures were put in place before his arrival for the three-day event. For the first time, delegates to the conference had no itinerary of the speakers invited to speak at the convention. Organisers and delegates were not even told when speakers were scheduled to speak. There was a total black out!

Delegates have to wear a special wrist band for the entire duration of the convention for identification purposes and anyone without the security wrist band was not allowed to enter the vicinity of the convention hall.

Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, Mr Zainur Zakaria, the Chief Prosecutor of the War Crimes Commission, Mr. Matthias Chang, with two members of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, Mr. Ram Karthigasu and Mr. Christopher Chang, a representative of the Malaysian Kwong Siew Association, and two representatives of the Iraq Community in Malaysia evaded the security by registering themselves as delegates.

At 8.30 am, members of NGOs gathered at the entrance of the convention center to protest against the visit of war criminal Blair. Undercover teams were dispatched to the three separate entrances to confront and attempt to serve the war crimes indictment on Blair. But he could not be seen entering the convention centre.

He had entered surreptitiously and was hiding in a VIP room just above the convention hall where the function was held. His original schedule was 10.00am this morning. But organisers issued statements that no schedule is available.

British and Malaysian security officers were seen patrolling the corridors and had identified the seven delegates who were waiting for Blair. They kept a close watch on the delegates. Mind games began when rumours were spread that Blair would not be speaking today. Hints were given that Blair would be speaking on Sunday in the hope that the seven delegates would abandon their vigil.

At 11.25am, the seven delegates discovered that Blair was hiding in the VIP room just above the convention hall. They took their positions, with three members tasked with taking photographs.

At 11.30am Blair and his team of goons descended from the VIP room and walked towards the VIP entrance of the convention hall.

Mr. Matthias Chang and Mr. Zainur Zakaria rushed forward to serve the indictment, while the Iraqi representatives loudly denounced former Prime Minister Blair as a “mass murderer, war criminal, shame on you”, repeatedly. Blair was obviously unsettled and put on an embarrassed smile.

Mr. Matthias Chang and Mr. Zainur Zakaria were prevented from handing the indictment to Blair by over 30 British and Malaysian security personnel. Both of them denounced ex-Prime Minister Blair within earshot, “War criminal, shame on you! Mass Murderer!”

Mr. Zainur Zakaria also shouted at the Malaysian security personnel: “Why are you protecting a war criminal?” The security officers could only respond with a silly expression.

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission stated later that this is only the beginning of a global campaign to ostracise war criminals like Blair and Bush and urge people the world over to adopt similar campaigns against Bush and Blair. ENDS.
• FACTS: Blair and his wife Cherie have ‘certain interests’ in Kuala Lumpur. Back home, Blair has acquired a Jacobean mansion at Weston Underwood, within the Bernwode area adjacent to where the Editor is writing this report in Buckinghamshire. According to recent press reports, he has a staff of more than 130 lackeys, and needs a very large staff to maintain the formal gardens and the mansion (which used to belong to Sir John Gielgud, the actor), in the pristine state to which it is historically accustomed.

Investigative reports have established, by perusing Companies House entries, that the ‘Blair Machine’ operates via a complex, Maxwellian network of interrelated companies and private partnerships. Specifically, there are two tiers of these Blair entities – uemploying geo-esoteric names: Windrush and Firerush (Wind and Fire).

The provocative selection of these names proves that Blair’s religiosity (like Wanta’s: see below) is fraudulent and that in reality he is engaged, when he is not enriching himself further, in promoting the sterile ‘New Age of Aquarius’ World Pantheistic (= pagan) Religion, which seeks to ‘merge’ all organised religions into one – a work of Satan – and to ‘legitimise’ vile abominations such as the primary activity in which these people engage after moneymaking: paedophilia.

Indeed in the vast pyramid structure designed by the agnostic British architect Sir Norman Foster at Astana (anagram of the Russian for Satan, satana), Kazakhstan, is a huge circular meeting room built round a sun image dedicated to meetings of the controllers of organised religions around the world, who meet at this venue, named after Satan, for this very purpose.

A domestic problem all along may well have been how to effect the transfer of any funds received through ‘facilitating’ the then latest version of the EU control mechanism at the time of the rolling European Union Collective’s Treaty in 2005 [see the first report in this series: Archive] plus any corrupt payments that may have been received, as reported, in exchange for ‘facilitation’ of the illegal attack on Iraq, including $136 million reportedly transferred into an account in Abu Dhabi.

Funds reportedly held within the Ansbacher banking network in the British Virgin Islands, Malaysia and elsewhere will also have needed repatriation.

Note that the Windrush entities are DUPLICATED by the Firerush entities. To both groups of Blair corporations, which must file accounts with Companies House, are attached private partnerships, which do not file accounts available for public scrutiny. Any private citizen trying to bamboozle HM Revenue and Customs nowadays with such a complex tax structure would immediately trigger a mandatory investigation. But, as we have repeatedly pointed out, if you wind up belonging to the intergovernmental élite, the Rule of Law doesn’t apply to you.

GERMANS BASICALLY TELL GREECE TO GET OUT OF THE EURO While the International Monetary Fund grappled during the Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, with the Greek financial meltdown brought about as a direct consequence of Fraudulent Finance transactions via Citibank, Athens (as previously revealed by this service), Hans-Peter Friedrich, a senior official of the CSU, the Bavarian segment of the so-called ‘Christian Democrats’ led by Frau Angela Merkel, the ‘former’ East German Communist Party activist and Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda in the Communist Youth Wing at Karl Marx University, stated pointedly for world public consumption that the possibility of Greece leaving the Euro should no longer be considered taboo. Other German officials have also been making provocative comments on this subject.

In other words, the pan-Germans dancing to the cacophonous, sterile tune piped by the heirs of the Nazi Abwehr, are now predictably scared out of their wits that Germany itself will be brought down by its own mechanistic hegemony and control strategy, designed to enmesh the satrap European ‘Member States’ in a de facto ‘Greater Germany’.

Actually, Friedrich’s remarks were sharper: specifically, Friedrich said that Greece ‘must seriously consider leaving the Eurozone’ and that this subject ‘should not be taboo’. Obviously it must be many years since Herr Friedrich read the Maastricht Treaty, if he ever read it at all, since the Treaty states unequivocally that state participation in Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) on the basis of ‘irrevocable’ exchange rates, cannot be rescinded – so that once a satrap country has been stupid enough to join, it is stuck, like a dead fly in a spider’s web, until the end of the solar system.

The IMF Press Room learned that officials of the Group of Twenty (which has ‘displaced’ the Group of Seven as part of an earlier Brown operation to close down the G-7-approved transparent Dollar Refunding Programme), were now aware that the entire EMU structure may be in jeopardy, and that Germany itself (which harbours the largest concentration of dud derivatives assets worth zilch in the world, having enthusiastically participated in the Fraudulent Finance racketeering fest only to be double-crossed, as usual, by the Bush Crime fraudsters) faced the prospect of having to cough up 45 billion Euros JUST AS A DOWN PAYMENT, in order to help fund Greece’s emergency rescue package, which looked precariously poised at the end of the Spring Meetings weekend.

At these IMF meetings there is usually one critical issue that swamps everything else, and this time it was Greece. But ‘Greece’ in the prevailing context means the continued coherence of the pan-German/French Economic and Monetary Union project that underpins the EU Collective itself.

If Greece pulls out, other increasingly desperate satrap ‘Member States’, such as Spain, Ireland and Portugal, won’t be far behind; and even France, which also itself holds a colossal store of dud derivatives ‘assets’, may have second thoughts. When the Euro was ‘launched’ in 1999, Dr Hans Tietmeyer, then President of the Bundesbank, was asked point blank whether the Bundesbank had taken the precaution of holding in store an adequate stock of Deutschemark banknotes, against the possibility that the European currency union could collapse.
• Significantly, Dr Tiemeyer would not answer the question.

‘GREEK CONTAGION’ CONFIRMS THE LONG-TERM EMBEDDED STUPIDITY OF THE PAN-GERMAN DUMKOPFS At all events, in the run-up to the IMF Spring Meetings, and against a background of confusion which has since been exacerbated by the remarks of Herr Friedrich, contagion was spreading all across southern Europe. Specifically, spreads on ten-year Greek bonds soared to almost 600 basis points over German Bunds in ‘panic trading’, pushing Greek borrowing costs up to 9%, while rates on two-year Greek debt rose to 10.6%. On Monday 26th April, following the absence of any clear indication of a ‘resolution’ of the Greek crisis from the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings, the yield on ten-year Greek Government bonds reached 9.39%, with the spread against ten-year German benchmark bonds (bunds) up to 6.5 percentage points.

Against this background, the IMF’s Managing Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, told the press that ‘it’s clear that the Greek situation is a very serious one. There is no silver bullet to solve it in an easy manner’. Credit default Swaps (CDSs) on Portuguese debt surged by 50 basis points within the space of a few hours on 22nd April, to 270, an all-time high, while CDS on Spanish debt reached a new record of 175 basis points. Irish debt CDSs rose to 162, and official bonds issued by Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Argentina rose sharply. Attempts to ‘ring-fence’ Greece appeared to be making little progress; and expectations of some patchwork agreement were expected to leave the frayed financial markets dangerously unimpressed.

While all this was going on, we were being informed by special US sources that the no-holds-barred economic and financial warfare that is now raging, entails an US expectation that the Euro will be destroyed – and that the whole grandiose purpose of the Dodd Bill spewed out by the Senate will be to impose a de facto US dollar dictatorship controlled by the sinister-sounding intelligence cadre within the US Treasury to be known as the Office of Financial Research (OFR).

Since the OFR will report to the US Treasury Secretary, this appointed official will become, by stealth, the actual financial dictator of the whole world – accommodating Fraudulent Finance transactions and open-ended permissive financing and racketeering both above and below the radar, and presiding over a rapidly accelerating domestic and global inflation which will make the Weimar Republic a pleasant memory by comparison.

All because these criminals are jealous of ANY competition, and have refused to contemplate the CORRECT COURSE, agreed four years ago by the Group of Seven Financial Powers (which is why the G-7 has been swamped by the G-20) – namely, transparent, on-the-books Dollar Refunding in the private sector delivering windfall tax accruals onto the US Treasury’s books, offsetting the escalating ‘background’ debt and placing the US Treasury‘s finances on an even keel after a century of uncontrolled deficit-financing profligacy. The US Treasury has a DEATH WISH.

THE WANTA MONEY-STEALING ROUTE RESURRECTED On 21st April, ‘Princess Paula’, purporting to be sovereign of the fake ‘Principality of Snake Hill’ outside Sydney, was interviewed on BBC-5 Live. This new aberration sent a loud signal to ‘the interested’ that the original criminal intention of diverting funds via the virtual ‘Central Bank of Snake Hill’, which doesn’t exist but which has a Washington, DC, telephone number that ‘just happens’ to be that of the French Embassy in the US capital, was still ‘live’ – even though we have long since debunked the ‘Principality of Snake Hill’ deception as a criminalist operation focused around the renegade felon and deceiver, Lee/Leo Wanta, the courier between George Bush Sr. and President Gorbachëv, and who grew up in Wisconsin with (guess who?) Richard B. Cheney.
• FACT: The use of a French Embassy-provided DC phone number for this Wanta scam is highly revealing. President Sarkozy’s half-brother, Olivier (‘Oliver’), is a senior figure within George Bush Sr.’s money laundry, Carlyle Group. So the French Embassy appears to be a co-conspirator in this fallback contingency plan to seize and divert funds on disbursement for the illicit benefit of the Carlyle operation. As previously stressed, France covers for Germany under the 1963 bilateral.

First of all, the documents that we hold showing Princess Paula having awarded this or that ‘title’ carry a signature which is identical to that of Lee/Leo Wanta (many samples of whose handwriting we possess in our files).

Secondly, you will recall that in a key (23rd September) update to our report dated 20th September 2009 (and in subsequent reprises of that report) we proved that the ‘Principality of Snake Hill ‘is a fraudulent virtual operation lacking all substance, and that the Principality does not exist.

Specifically, we reported as follows:

On Wednesday 23rd September 2009, our Irish friend and associate, Mr Richard Sharpe, obtained independent confirmation from Ms. Brenda Farrell, of the Australian Embassy in Dublin, that ‘The Principality of Snake Hill’ does not exist, thereby reconfirming that the entire ‘Snake Hill’ operation is FRAUDULENT. This is obvious from all the evidence: but we gained OFFICIAL CONFRIMATION.
• This definitively destroys the bona fides and reputations of the poseurs and serial deception operatives that we have exposed, and should terminate the destructive activities of these people once and for all. They are FINISHED. They have been CAUGHT OUT. Before the whole world.

The email from the Australian Embassy in Dublin, dated 23rd September 2009, reads as follows:

Forwarded message From: <> Date: Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 12:25 PM Subject: Fwd: Principality of Snake Hill [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] To: mrrichardsharpe <> wrote: Many thanks for your timely response.

Regards Richard

“Austremb Dublin” <> wrote:

Dear Mr Sharpe,

Thank you for your email.

There is no principality in Australia.

Kind regards

Australian Embassy Dublin Tel: +353 (0) 1 664 5300 Fax: +353 (0) 1 678 5185

Thirdly, if you revisit our report dated 20th September 2009, you will see that we comprehensively debunked and ridiculed all the fake non-existent dummy ‘officials’ with invented and risible names supposedly forming the ‘Government of the Principality of Snake Hill’ – demonstrating the entire operation to represent a crude virtual fabrication, originally intended not just to engineer a virtual conduit enabling funds to be diverted via Wanta’s signature through the virtual central bank into (we now realise) the hands of the Carlyle Group via the corrupt French Embassy thanks to Olivier (Oliver) Sarkozy being a senior executive with Bush Sr.’s money-laundering Carlyle Group, but also as an entrapment mechanism enabling authorities to move in after the funds had been diverted and to ‘take down’ those unwittingly involved, including Wanta himself no doubt.

In the fourth place, you will also recall that we publicised the typically odious letter to the Editor of this service dated 18th September 2009 from one of Mr Wanta’s CIA lawyers, Thomas E. Henry – a foul individual who, in a three-way conversation between the Editor, Wanta and himself several years ago, thought it appropriate to tell a dirty joke about Jesus Christ – in which Henry (known as ‘Mr Nasty’) stated that he had been directed by ‘Leo/Lee Wanta and representatives from the Principality of Snake Hill’ to make demands on the Editor of this service as stated in that letter.

In the fifth place, you may recall that in response we asked Mr Henry to provide us inter alia with copies of the necessary official authority issued by the US Secretary of State (Mrs Hillary Clinton) proving that Wanta is, as he claims, accepted by the US Government (the Obama Administration) as the Ambassador to the United States for the Principality of Snake Hill.

Mr Henry could not provide any such documentation, of course, since none exists; and when we were able to prove definitively that ‘The Principality of Snake Hill’ does not exist because ‘there are no principalities in Australia’ (as every schoolboy except that felon up in the boonies) knows, Mr Nasty of course vanished from sight like a nasty smell.

Yet now, all of a sudden, on 24th April 2010, long after ‘The Principality of Snake Hill’ deception and of Wanta’s participation and sponsorship of this typically crude and ignorant fabrication has been debunked and consigned to the trash, a signal is heard in London to the effect that the operative calling herself ‘Princess Paula’ is ‘alive and well’, and speaking to some ill-informed BBC-5 Live character to a British audience which necessarily has no possible clue about the background to this discredited US criminal intelligence operation.

What this signalled to US was an intent, notwithstanding the above, for the funds to be diverted on payout via the French Embassy (remember again that France and Germany remain locked together under the terms of the indefinite Treaty of the Elyseé) on behalf of the operatives whom Mr Wanta serves, headed by George W. Bush Sr.

Futhermore, as late as 13th March 2010 ‘Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta’ sent an email received in the UK at 17:34 hrs in which he again displayed himself fraudulently as ‘Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary’, Lee Emil Wanta, The Principality of Snake Hill, Postal Box No. 488, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153; Telefon [in German]: 202 379 2904 ext 001. As noted, the Washington, DC, 202 area code phone number is provided by the French Embassy.

This email contained an attachment which a UK forensic expert declared to us to be ‘riddled with code’. The email was sent, like so many other Wanta fabrications, to the FDCI Chairwoman Sheila Bair, to the White House, to ‘First Lady Michelle Obama’, to Attorney General Eric Holder, to Peter Mandelson MP (indicating, typically, that Wanta has no idea that Mandelson ceased to be an MP years ago, spent time as a European Commissioner in Brussels, and was hauled back and ennobled to serve Gordon Brown, so that his correct title these days is LORD Mandelson), ‘Chairman Paul A. Volcker’ ,and all sorts of other figures whose staff will have shoved the email immediately into the trash. The email was signed off , like other such Wanta missives, on a diversionary false-religiosity note: ‘Blessed be God in His Angels and His Saints’, attributed to St Anthony.

Faced with these continuing insults to everyone’s intelligence, we have decided that now is the time to expose the FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT perpetrated against the Editor of this service by Lee/Leo Wanta and another of his devious CIA lawyers, Steven D. Goodwin (born in Düsseldorf, see) of Richmond, VA, in respect of the STEALING of the Editor’s bona fide loan of $35,000.

SUMMARY OF THE EDITOR’S ‘WANTA INITIATIVE’ The background, briefly, to this matter, which of course again proves that Wanta is a crook and a financial terrorist, is as follows. After several years of quite hazardous research, in the course of which the Editor – whose job it is to inform our subscribers about what may be going on behind the financial scenes, not just to regurgitate what they can read in the newspapers – had become aware in outline of the endemic financial corruption; and assisted by the Editor’s ongoing knowledge of Soviet developments arising from his editorship of Soviet Analyst, the Editor also became aware of Wanta and managed to discover where he was located.

In 2004, the Editor sent a note to Wanta asking him to call the Editor’s cellphone at 2:30pm (on 23rd May 2004). The Editor had travelled by air to Eau Claire and had hired a taxi for a number of hours at the regional airport. On arrival in Chippewa Falls, the town where Mr Wanta resides, the Editor asked the taxi to pull into a derelict parking lot. At 2:30pm the Editor’s mobile phone rang, and the Editor informed Wanta that he would be at his front door in five minutes. On arrival at the location, the door was opened, and the character illustrated in Claire Sterling’s book ‘Thieves’ World’ (3) (following page 192) opened it. The Editor had hired a taxi at the airport for three hours and had asked the driver to keep the engine running ready to leave instantly should this be necessary.

The Editor recorded an interview with the grossly overweight Mr Wanta for three hours, but as the accent he spoke in was so peculiar, some of what he said has remained almost incomprehensible to this day. Nevertheless, the Editor maintained contact and in the first quarter of 2005, Mr Wanta suggested that the Editor should contact (his CIA) Attorney Steven Goodwin in Richmond, VA.
• It has since transpired, of course, that this was a set-up.

Because during dinner in Richmond (which the Editor paid for) Mr Steven Goodwin related how he had negotiated an arrangement with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections whereby if a certain sum of money was paid (restitution plus fees), the Department would use its best endeavours to procure the termination of Mr Wanta’s probation, which was otherwise scheduled to be terminated on 28th November 2010. Obviously, Goodwin was subliminally suggesting that the Editor himself should provide the necessary funds for this purpose.

After careful consideration for many weeks, and well aware that this was probably a deception, the Editor decided that if further progress was to be made in destabilising and exposing the financial criminality which by now he realised from accumulated materials and research was corrupting the whole world, he needed to remain ‘inside’ the tent, notwithstanding that the entire tent floor area was covered with writhing snakes. He therefore ultimately decided to provide a sum of money from private funds acquired from a successful sale of our London home ($35,000) for the purpose.

Goodwin revealed himself to be dodgy from the outset – failing on several occasions to send the necessary documents, raising early questions in the Editor’s mind as to the man’s bona fides.

In the end, the Editor travelled to Eau Claire again, this time staying overnight, and appeared at the Wanta location on 9th June 2005 inter alia to conduct a further interview and to sign the necessary loan documents, which Goodwin had failed to send to the Editor in advance for his perusal. The Editor was not accompanied by a lawyer, so the risk of being scammed was high.

On arrival, Mr Wanta looked somewhat awkward and nervous, but typically arrogant, and basically motioned the Editor to sit down and to ‘sign here’ without any further ado. The Editor looked at the documents and felt most uncomfortable, and for some minutes debated in his mind whether to get up and walk out. Then he thought that if Wanta and Goodwin were indeed engaged in a scam, the Editor had the means and resolve to expose their duplicity. On this occasion, too, there was no waiting taxi, as Wanta had stated that he would drive the Editor back to the hotel.

Faced with this situation, the Editor signed the Escrow Agreement which according to Wanta would be countersigned by Goodwin after receipt of the Editor’s funds – the Editor remaining motivated by the necessity of having to continue the research from ‘within the tent’, or at least a small corner of it, and by a belief that if this was indeed a typical Wanta scam, the truth of the matter could then be used later to appropriate effect. Which we are doing now.

WANTA-GOODWIN FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT AGAINST THE EDITOR UNDER DURESS And as it turns out [see below], the loan documents were fraudulent, involving FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT of the Editor by Wanta and Goodwin UNDER DURESS.

The documents were/are as follows:


FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, promises to pay to the order of Christopher Story, the sum of THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND AND 00/100 US Dollars with interest at the rate of seven percent (7%) per annum thereon, the principal being payable, without offset, at [address] World Reports Limited, 108 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London SW1P 2EF, United Kingdom, or at such other place as the holder may designate in writing with payments to begin 365 days from date of this Note and due in full 730 days thereafter.

The payment of the principal balance of this Note may be prepaid in whole or in part, at any time or from time to time, without penalty.

This Note may be accelerated upon the death of any maker or at the option of the holder so that all remaining principal and accrued interest shall be payable upon the later of 30 days after the date of any maker’s or Guarantor’s death or 15 days after the holder provides written notice to the maker at its principal place of business that the holder is exercising his right to accelerate the amounts due hereunder. In the event of default in the payment of any amount due under this Note, the holder may declare the entire unpaid balance, principal and interest, to be immediately due and payable and thereafter may exercise any remedies provided by applicable law.

The holder of this Note shall have the right to enforce any one or more available remedies in whole or in part, successively or concurrently.

The maker of this Note waives presentment, protest, and notice of dishonour; agrees that an extension or extensions of the time of payment of this Note, or any installment or part thereof, may be made before, at or after maturity by agreement with anyone or more of the parties to this Note without notice to and without releasing the liability of the other party under this Note regardless of which parties are notified of the extension or extensions; waives the benefit of all exemptions as to the debt evidence of this Note and any right which it may have to require the holder to proceed against any person; and agrees to pay all the expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in collecting this Note, or any installment or part thereof, which is not paid when due.

[Signed]: Lee E. Wanta.

Address of Notice [added in Wanta’s handwriting]: C/o Goodwin Sutton & DuVal, Plc. Old City Hall, Ste No. 350
1001 East Broad Street Richmond, VA, USA (23219).

Separately the Editor was handed by Wanta the text of an ESCROW AGREEMENT FOR SIGNING BY GOODWIN WHEN THE FUNDS WERE SUPPLIED, as follows:


TO: Steven D. Goodwin, Trustee for the benefit of Ambassador Leo* E. Wanta [*NOT: Lee E. Wanta]:

The undersigned maker, Christopher Story, does hereby acknowledge that he is placing certain funds in the amount of THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND AND 00/100 DOLLARS ($35,000) into Escrow with Steven D. Goodwin, a discreet and professional attorney-at-law, for the sole and exclusive purpose as stated herein and under the following terms:

1. Said funds shall be used to pay the amount of $30,551.97 to satisfy the court ordered obligations in Wisconsin Case No. 92CF683.
2. Any and all remaining amounts shall be distributed only as directed by Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, to be used for the benefit of, and at the direction of, Ambassador Wanta.

The parties herein acknowledge that the funds paid to, and held in Escrow by, Steven D. Goodwin, under this Agreement are the same funds referenced in a Note in the amount of THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND AND 00/100 DOLLARS ($35,000) made by Ambassador Leo E. Wanta for the benefit of Christopher Story.

[Signed]: Christopher Story, maker [SEAL]

I, the undersigned Trustee, agree to receive, hold and distribute the funds referenced herein upon the terms and conditions stated above.

[Signed]: Steven D. Goodwin, Trustee [SEAL].


(1): The Promissory Note has to reference the Escrow Agreement and vice versa. In neither case does this occur. Specifically:

(2): The Promissory Note does not reference the Escrow Agreement.

(3): The Escrow Agreement does NOT reference the Promissory Note. It references ‘a Note’, which could be ANY NOTE. The reference has to be specific, which is not the case.

(4): The Promissory note dated 9th June 2005 is signed by Lee E. Wanta.

(5): The Escrow Agreement references an ‘Ambassador Leo E. Wanta’ making no reference to ‘Lee E. Wanta’. This operative uses two names for obfuscation purposes [DUPLICATION, DIALECTICAL METHODOLOGY: see our repeated reminders that this is the standard modus operandi].

(6): This divergence of names for Wanta widens the fraudulent separation of the Promissory Note from the Escrow Agreement.

(7): Mr Wanta is NOT an Ambassador. To be styled Ambassador, it is necessary to be supported by official credentials issued by the US State Department and renewed by each successive American Administration, confirming that the United States (in this case) recognises that the said individual concerned is an accredited Ambassador. In the case of Mr Wanta’s supposed Ambassadorship for Somalia to Switzerland and Canada, the same criteria apply. Each successive Government of the countries concerned must provide the necessary consent and official acknowledgement of such a person’s status and acceptance as Ambassador. Wanta cannot show such credentials, because this felon’s claims to be an Ambassador are fraudulent and part of his disintegrating cover.

In the United States, there is a convention that a former Ambassador can continue to be adderssed as Ambassador. However Mr Wanta styles himself ‘Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary’, Lee Emil Wanta, The Principality of Snake Hill, representing fraudulently that he is the Ambassdaor for the non-existent, cirtual and farudulent ‘Principality’, which is FRAUD.

And as indicated above, when Mr Henry was asked to provide the necessary credentials in respect of Wanta’s spurious (fake) Principality of Snake Hill Ambassadorship to the United States, he was of course unable to comply and was himself therefore exposed as an egregious liar and a fraudster for that reason, and because he stated that he was acting for Leo/Lee Wanta and representatives from ‘The Principality of Snake Hill’, which does not exist.

Mr Steven D. Goodwin likewise fraudulently referenced a spurious ‘Ambassador Leo E. Wanta’ in the Escrow Agreement, thereby exposing himself as a liar and a perpetrator of fraud, as well.

(8): Steven D Goodwin is therefore NOT ‘a discreet and professional attorney-at-law’ but rather a fellow-fraudster with Mr Leo E. Wanta, a.k.a. Lee E. Wanta. Both engaged in gross FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT under duress of this Editor, who was not accompanied by a lawyer. Goodwin should be disciplined, debarred and appropriately dealt with both by his profession and by the authorities.

(9): As for Wanta, this case provides further irrefutable PROOF that Wanta is a serial, unrepentant, continuing felon. His felonious status has NOT been altered and he is NOT therefore in a position to own a bank account.

(10): Any funds remitted to Leo E. Wanta or Lee E. Wanta, who handles stolen funds and has STOLEN this Editor’s loan funds plus interest through this inducement fraud, will be at risk. Any party engaged in effecting such a remittance to Wanta, however styled, knowing this background, may place themselves in a situation demanding investigation involving the conveyance of funds into or via the hands of a criminal operative.

WANTA NOW IDENTIFED AS ‘GREAT DARK LORDS’ TERRORIST As we have had to report herefrom time to time, we have been plagued since February 2008 with extremely unpleasant, often obscene, hateful voicemail messages from a loony-toon calling himself a representative of the ‘Great Dark Lords’. This nutter spiels well-worn demonic claptrap, exposed in part in the Editor’s book The New Underworld Order, mingled with overt homosexual allusions and obscene New Age rants augmented by propaganda to the general effect that the ‘Dark Forces’ are taking over the world, there is nothing you can do about it and ‘you should drop your stupid Christianity’. In other words, the message is the Leninist revolutionary one that the Dark Forces’ success is ‘inevitable’ (the reverse of which is of course the case, as everything they do fails).

In recent months this harassment became so excessive that we took the decision to close down our landlines in the United States, and partially in London as well. We discovered that the calls were being made via our 1-800 number which has effectively been stolen, so WE are being illegally charged to put up with these open-ended obscenities and abuse.

Originally we thought that a corrupt US Psy-Ops cadre was seeking to harass and destabilise the Editor of these services (mindlessly proving, of course, our effectiveness). However since the false voice has never changed, having been consistent throughout for more than two years, it has become apparent that just ONE individual is responsible for this criminal activity.

We have concluded that this individual is the discredited felon Wanta for the following reasons:
• We have recently learned that he has a voice alteration unit which scrambles and alters voice messages, a technique used by criminal intelligence operatives. We didn’t know this until very recently. Had we known this earlier, the present conclusions would have been reached earlier.
• As indicated, the voice is always the same fake altered voice, so there is only one ‘loony-toon’ doing this: Wanta, masquerading as a demonic, homosexual loony-toon.
• This harassment started when severance with Wanta was in process in the first quarter of 2008. It has continued ever since, without a break until we severed the landlines..
• The harassment was especially intense during the Editor’s weeks in New York in March. Wanta is in a position to ascertain the Editor’s movements.
• Wanta, stuck in Chippewa Falls, has time on his hands and has nothing to do other than to dream up fantasies such as the ‘Snake Hill’ deception – via decaying websites very appropriately using the image of the serpent as the motif for that deception operation.
• Wanta ‘works for’ George Bush Sr., facilitating his financial thefts and scams; and Bush Sr. and members of his family are steeped in the Bavarian occult, taking pleasure in rejoicing in evil.
• As exposed in our report dated 20th September 2009, Wanta’s religiosity, like his patriotism, is fake. Not only does he protest too much, but his absurd play-acting when he arrived an hour and a half late for a meeting with the Editor in 2005 and proffered as his excuse that he had been ‘doing his devotions’, i.e. praying to the Virgin Mary, which he tried to emphasise by showing the Editor a tattered piece of paper containing some religious text – confirmed that he is a religious fraud just as he is a fraud in all other respects as well, including his ‘wrapping himself in the flag’ cover.
• Analysis of the structure of phrases and sentences employed by the harassment terrorist in his obscene and demented voicemails reveals close parallels with Mr Wanta’s way of speaking. It is all ‘Black’ play-acting, of course.
• The harassment could only be sustained by a party who was unable to exert any control over the target (the Editor), who lacked the means to procure others to achieve that objective, and who was therefore consequently nervous and in a permanent state of uncontrolled anger, not knowing what to do next. So he had the ongoing motive to resort to, and to persist with, this dirty and extremely crude Psy-Ops activity, which he could easily undertake as he has access to the necessary voice modification equipment in Chippewa Falls, and all the time in the world at his disposal.
• In addition to the obscene and evil phone calls and voicemail messages, this terrorist resorts also to unpleasant, often likewise obscene, emails. No email address source is ever given, and the false provenance of these emails is varied with every such communication. This crass flexibility is characteristic of an intel-linked operation.
• On 6th March 2008, Wanta telephoned the Editor and, using his ‘FBI persona’, started reciting, in a bombastic tone of voice, various US Statutes to which the Editor, who is not a US citizen and not subject to US jurisdiction externally, must comply. The Editor told him to cease and desist and to stop making an idiot of himself, whereupon Wanta screamed:

• Accordingly, the Editor learned with satisfaction that our exposures had, indeed, completely detabilised operations with which Mr Wanta was associated. Wanta was the courier between Bush Sr. and Gorbachëv, who are partners in Deutsche AG (Barrington Investment Group), located at St Gallen, Switzerland, along with Dr Helmut Kohl (an equally nasty piece of work: see our exposure details on Kohl in the preceding report).

By ‘EVERYTHING’, Wanta meant that the entire Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) subversion and ‘take-down’ operation run through the Bush Crime Syndicate had now been destabilised as a consequence of these exposures. When embarking upon the course described above in 2005, the Editor experienced a powerful sense that the course he was about to follow would indeed lead to the progressive unravelling of the foreign-derived subversion-by-corruption offensive against the United States: and that is indeed what has happened.

THE FAILING ‘COUP D’ETAT BY INSTALLMENTS’ Wanta has been stuck up in the Wisconsin boonies for the convenience of the Bush Sr.-DVD Fifth Column that has tried to destabilise and destroy the American Republic – an offensive from within, and a clandestine ‘coup d’état by installments’ perpetrated on a scale with no historical precedent. He has remained at their beck and call, trying to ingratiate himself with the serpents in question, because they need his signature to enable them to divert and steal the funds over which Wanta’s signature may ostensibly relate.

When it came to stealing Michael C. Cottrell’s contract, the Bush-Ackermann-DVD cadres simply, as we have reported, forged Mr Cottrell’s signature electronically. As so many examples of Wanta’s signature exist, his continued survival cannot be related exclusively to the fact that ‘they need his signature’. However, as the DVD offensive against the United States and Britain is progressively neutralised, and further destabilised, which is what has been triggered, and is happening, Wanta’s usefulness as a supplicating snake serving the nest of vipers will have passed its sell-by date.

THE NSA/CIA/USAF HANDLER OF WANTA’S PROMOTER Finally, as these exposures have unfolded, this Editor has been viciously attacked from time to time by a notorious controlled US fabricator and peddler of lies on behalf of Wanta, styling himself as an ‘intelligence expert’, named Thomas Heneghan. We have reported separately that Heneghan was authorised, by Wanta, according to documents we hold, to open one or more bank accounts for Marvelous Investments, a vehicle reportedly used inter alia for the financing of Al-Qaeda.

The veteran criminal politics and finance observer Tim White (4) has informed this service that Thomas Heneghan’s disinformation handler is NSA/CIA/USAF Lieutenant General Otis C. Johnson. Concerning this proven criminalist operative (Johnson), The SEC News Digest dated 21st May 1986 reported [page 1] as follows:

Complaint Filed against Otis C. Johnson: The Los Angeles Regional Office [of the SEC] filed a complaint on May 6 in the US District Court for the District of Colorado against Otis C. Johnson seeking a permanent injunction and other equitable relief for violations of the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complaint in question alleges that Johnson defrauded N.D. Resources, Inc. (NDR) and its public shareholders. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Johnson provided NDR with a false geological report concerning certain mining claims and, after NDR had entered into a joint venture with an accomplice of Johnson in order to develop the claims, conspired to provide positive drilling reports to NDR when, in fact, no drilling had been done. The complaint further alleges that Johnson sold approximately 240,353 shares of NDR common stock while the stock price was inflated as a result of press releases issued by NDR concerning the drilling reports. [SEC v. Otis C. Johnson, DCO, Civil Action NO 86-945 (LR-11105)].

The SEC News Digest dated 10TH July 1989 reported [page 1] as follows:

Otis C. Johnson enjoined: The Los Angeles Regional Office announced that on June 22 Judge Lewis T. Babcock, US District Court for the District of Colorado, signed an Order of Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief against Otis C. Johnson. The Order enjoins Johnson from future violations of the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The Order directs Otis C. Johnson to disgorge his profits from sales of N.D. Resources, Inc. (NDR), which disgorgement is waived based upon the truth, accuracy and completeness of Johnson’s sworn representations concerning his present inability to pay disgorgement. Johnson consented to the Order without admitting or denying the allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint.

The Complaint alleges that Johnson defrauded NDR and its public shareholders by, among other things, providing NDR with a false geological report concerning certain mining claims and further conspiring to provide positive drilling reports to the company when, in fact, no drilling had been done, and by selling approximately 240,353 shares of the company’s stock while the stock price was inflated as a result of press releases concerning the drilling reports. [SEC v. Otis C. Johnson, DCO, Civil Action No. 87-B-1693 (LR-12149)].

The SEC News Digest dated 24th August 1992 reported [page 4] as follows:

Otis Johnson III Pleads Guilty: The Commission and Michael J. Norton, US Attorney for the District of Colorado, announced that on July 20, 1992, Otis C. Johnson III (Johnson) of Denver, Colorado, pleaded guilty to two criminal informations. The first such information, filed May 20, 1992, charged violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and securities fraud in the purchase and sale of the securities of Corporate Quest, Inc. (Corporate Quest). The second information, filed July 20, 1992, charged violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and interstate transportation of stolen property, in the purchase and sale of the securities of United Financial Operations (United Financial).

Johnson admitted in his plea agreement that in 1987 and 1988 [that] he participated in schemes to manipulate and conduct fraudulent transactions in the securities of United Financial and Corporate Quest. Johnson also admitted that he and co-conspirators conducted prearranged trades through controlled and nominee accounts and paid for the trades in Corporate Quest’s securities with worthless checks totaling approximately $313,000. As a result of the co-conspirators’ activities, four brokerage firms lost approximately $262,000.

Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on September 21, 1992 at 9:00 a.m. [U.S. v. Otis C. Johnson III, Criminal Action No. 92-CR-181, U.S.D.C. Colo. (LR-13345)].
• NSA/CIA/USAF Lieutenant General Otis C. Johnson III did NOT do jail time.
• The penalty for wire fraud in the United States is TWENTY YEARS PER COUNT.

Notes and References:
(1): ‘Thirty Days: Hitler’s Thirty Days to Power: January 1933’, Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, New York etc., 1996, ISBN 0-201-40714-0, page 164.

(2): ‘Coup d’état by installments’, precisely accurate characterization of pan-German power-grabbing methodology. Konrad Heiden, Der Fuehrer, Boston, MA, 1944, page 597.

(3): ‘Thieves’ World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime’, Claire Sterling, Simon and Schuster, new York, ISBN 0-671-74997-8, 1994.

(4): Original SEC documents researched and supplied pro bono publico by Tim White.
• Note: The discredited controlled disinformation operative Heneghan has reponded to the foregoing exposure with further lies, publishing a deliberately distorted picture of this Editor and stating, sensibly, that he won’t be responding to what we have published. Very sensible of him.

Subsequent Add-Ons and Updates:

PENNSYLVANIA FRAUD THAT WE EXPOSED BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES We now understand that as a direct result of our exposure of the Pennsylvania Department of State’s connivance in the deliberate, fraudulent insertion of the Mafioso Salvatore R. DeFrancesco as ‘Secretary’ by the PA Department of State Corporation Bureau on 8th March 2010, and following forceful intervention by Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S. with the complacent, arrogant Pennsylvania Department of State authorities resulting in the removal of the Mafioso’s name from Pennsylvania Investments Inc.’s corporate screen by 2.10pm on 10th March, [see ‘The Aborted Pennsylvania Fraud of 8 March 2010’, report of 19th March: Archive], that officially sponsored attempt to divert payout funds due to Mr Cottrell’s firm and to steal the $6.2 trillion loan money, collapsed.
• Instead, the reverberations of this criminal outrage presided over by the official kleptocracy spread all the way up the food chain, blowing up in the faces of Vice President Joseph Biden and his predecessor, Richard B. Cheney.

That operation represented a brazen attempt by the organised crime elements both outside and within the craven US Administration to divert the funds, just as the continued slitherings of the Wanta ‘snake’ betray an intent somehow to reactivate that discredited conduit. We now know that Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. operation actually represented a scheme to procure the transfer of funds into the hands of the Bush Crime Syndicate, whom Mr Wanta serves, as explained in the aforementioned forensic report. Recently, one or more checks drawn on AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., have surfaced, and a recipient of such a check recently was told to go straight to the police.

We further understand that our exposure in the current report of Wanta’s Fraud in the Inducement under duress of this Editor to steal his $35,000 loan money, facilitated by the complicit CIA lawyer Steven Goodwin, has also severely curtailed the potential for any ‘Wanta route’ to be activated. All holes that these serpents thought they could slither through, are blocked.
• However the Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau, having banked Mr Cottrell’s required $70 filing fee accompanied by the proper PA official form requiring the individual display of his corporate offices, so as to preclude any further demented attempt to steal funds by this route, continues its intransigent and complicit failure to make the necessary formal amendments to his corporation’s corporate screen with the PA Department of State Corporation Bureau.

Such intransigence simply tightens the noose round the necks of every snake involved in this attempted scam, from Vice President Biden and Edward G. Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, all the way down to the named officials within the PA structures who presided over and facilitated this intended giga-theft. Instead of putting the matter right, which would take five minutes, the arrogant apparatchiks concerned prefer to leave the needed correction unattended to, no doubt hoping we would ‘go away’. This is a reminder that we haven’t gone away and that this website is capable of shaking the ground beneath the soles of the feet of the Vice President of the United States and the Governor of Pennsylvania any time they like.

BRITISH ELECTION: EXIT GORDON BROWN VIA BIGOTGATE The expedition of the Prime Ministerial caravan to Rochdale on 27th April so that Gordon Brown could be televised for electoral purposes meeting some ‘real people’ (as opposed to the surreal people in Westminster and Downing Street) concluded predictably in disaster for the beleaguered Prime Minister, who may have forgotten that those people ‘oop nerth’ are blunt, speak their mind, and are not to be messed with. Once he’d climbed back into the assumed safety of his limo, Brown forgot the standard dirty trick, often used by intelligence services (especially in the United States), of ensuring that a lapel microphone stays live after a televised encounter.

Gordon Brown’s characterisation of the Rochdale lady as ‘a sort of bigoted woman’ resulted in the airwaves at home and abroad being jammed with the resulting tape, while relieving tired and jaded journalists of having to talk about the boring minutiae of British politics for a while.

As one pundit put it, he wouldn’t have liked to be the upholstery in the limo when Brown found out about his blunder. However Andrew Rawnsley, author of a book called ‘The End of the Party’ which contains graphic details of Brown’s tantrums (cups and mobile phones being chucked across the room, aides being grabbed by the lapel, etc. etc.), has pointed out that the catastrophe could have been much worse. When Brown gets angry, i.e. for much of the time, most of his vocabulary turns navy blue. One is reminded of the fact that the efficiently organised ancient Jerusalem had a Dung Gate. Gordon will be exiting the New Jerusalem which never materialised under his failed tenure, let alone that of his duplicitous predecessor, via Bigotgate.
• Gordon Brown’s behaviour while holding the highest office reconfirms that life at the highest level is hell on earth. Perceptive north American correspondents have pointed out to us that they have caught occasional glimpses of FEAR in the faces of both Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper. This reflects the reality that these people are controlled, live in an environment of implied threats and fear, and have discovered that having lusted for so long for what they thought was supreme power, the chalice they have been handed isn’t just poisoned: it reeks as well.
• Finally, note that the Number of the draft Dodd Senate Bill evaluated below, viz: 3217, devolves, surprise, surprise and yet again surprise, to the ‘Black’ esoteric, geomasonic numerology number THIRTEEN: 3 + 2 + 1 +7 = 13. Now WHY would that be the case?

MEANWHILE… THE ESSENCE OF THE CRISIS The central issue facing the whole world is as follows. ALL these securitisation transactions and derivatives marketing operations are FRAUDULENT, and they are ALL illegal both in the US and in the Common Law jurisdictions. So what ALL PARTICIPANTS, whether institutional, hedge funds or investors, fear is that THE WHOLE LOT, BEING FRAUDULENT AND ILLEGAL, COULD UNRAVEL.

Accordingly, the crisis revolves around this huge elephant: how to avoid such an outcome while cleaning up the mess at the same time. The US Treasury’s approach is to continue the carousel below the radar, i.e. covered by Treasury confidentiality, a course which WILL indeed lead to a Weimar-style hyperinflationary collapse.

There is only ONE sound solution, as has been the case all along: the Dollar Refunding operation, ORIGINATED in the private sector, and in London where the US authorities cannot easily sabotage the transactions, which will deliver massive ON-BALANCE SHEET TAX ACCRUALS onto the books of the US Treasury, whether it likes it or not.

The Dollar Refunding operation based on the sovereign loan funds, being ORIGINATED in the private sector, is NOT matched by corresponding debt on the other side of the balance sheet.

By contrast, the US Treasury’s intent is to try to handle the refunding itself, which WOULD create massive offsetting official debt on the other side of the balance sheet. If on-balance sheet tax of, say, 35%, is paid, that leaves 65% of each transaction being added to the official debt, which is CRAZY, and WILL lead to a Weimar-style hyperinflationary currency degradation and collapse.

UPDATE, 29TH APRIL 2010: FINANCIAL STRESS IN EUROPE: SO BUSH CRIME FAMILY, SOROS AND CARLYLE DEMAND $1.3 TRILLION CORRUPT PAYMENT AS THEIR PRICE FOR CEASING TO IMPEDE THE SETTLEMENTS As interest rates on two-year Greek bonds soared to 38% on 28th April 2010 at one point, continued intransigence over the Settlements [see this report] was now being more specifically linked to the outrageous and corrupt demand of the still hyperactive Bush Crime Syndicate, George Soros and the Carlyle Group [see below] for a total corrupt pay-off of $1.3 trillion (an aggregate previously trailered by this service as being targeted for stealing, as we then thought, by the criminal CIA: and it may well be the intention for the criminal enterprise CIA to be the channel directing these funds into the hands of the corrupt parties involved).

Quite apart from the disgusting arrogance of these brazen parties in assuming that they, like the US criminal enterprise banks, can blackmail the forces of financial restitution with such a demand, what sticks even more violently in the Editor’s gullet is the flaccid, corrupt, anarchic failure of US law enforcement, Gold Badges et al., to refuse point blank to accommodate such demands, and to have these financial criminals arrested.
• And for such a gross theft even to be mentioned as a possibility at a time when European countries are going to the wall as a direct consequence of having stupidly accumulated trash, worthless ‘derivatives’ casino ‘assets’ as counterparties to the US official kleptocrats, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘political obscenity’.

Although there is every prospect that, over time, world class criminals like George H. W. Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Tony Blair et al. will receive their due rewards here on earth rather than just in the underworld to come (with the timebomb of George Bush Sr.’s complicity in the assassination of President Kennedy gathering more and more explosive momentum), the continued failure of US law enforcement to block all further intransigence by these serpents and to have them arrested, like Dr Greenspan and the late Lord George, undermines all residual confidence in relevant US law enforcement personnel. These people have consistently failed to do their job properly. The other day we found out that Greenspan, who has long been indicted by a Grand Jury, was continuing to behave as though he could do and say as he liked, and was not subject to the Rule of Law.
• The Editor is repeatedly told that the relevant law enforcement ‘have to obey orders’, begging the issue that if an order involves illegality, then it is by definition illegal and must be disobeyed.

In case this point isn’t clear, under the Misprision of Felony Statute, it is INCUMBENT upon anyone with knowledge of wrongdoing to take the appropriate steps in accordance with the statute [see text repeated with almost every one of these reports]. That includes operatives AT EVERY LEVEL who have information about wrongdoing that they haven’t reported to the appropriate authorities. It also includes WIVES and FORMER WIVES of such operatives.

When we heard, yet again, that $1.3 trillion of the Settlement funds was to be diverted to the Bush Crime Syndicate, Soros, Carlyle et al., we wondered; WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS INFORMATION? Bury it in order to ‘facilitate’ the Settlements? You must be joking. According to our current sense, it has been realised belatedly in certain quarters that the intended stealing of these funds at a time when Greece, Spain, Portugal and probably Britain and Ireland are going down the tubes, might just set off reverberations so lethal that yielding to the gross blackmail demands of the kleptocracy may be too risky, after all.

Certainly, if we do discover that $1.3 trillion has been diverted, as has been confirmed to us is the intention [see below], we shall see to it that this abomination is rammed down the throats of all concerned so that nobody involved in this crime will ever be able to forget how angry the British and American public can become when aroused.

The obscenity of EVEN CONTEMPLATING SUCH A CRIME at a time when the credit ratings of both Spain and Portugal have been downgraded (on 28th April 2010), following Standard and Poor’s consignment of Greek bonds to junk status, is more than your correspondent can take.
• All we can say at this stage is: JUST YOU TRY.

Other than that, the Settlements ‘news’ is not universally negative.

UPDATE: 28TH APRIL 2010: POST-IMF SPRING MEETINGS MELTDOWN When it became clear that nothing substantive emerged from the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings with regard to Greece, Standard and Poor’s slashed Greece’s credit rating to BB+, junk status, the first time this has occurred since the ill-advised EU Collective Currency arrangements, which we repeatedly warned against in successive articles in International Currency Review (1992-99), was established in order to fulfil the pan-German hegemony/control objective codified in the 1942 Nazi compendium Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft (European Economic Community), the Chapter headings of which were replicated almost verbatim in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

The immediate consequence was to drive yields on Greek bonds up beyond 14%, compared with 9.73% on Monday in Europe, amid a cascading collapse of confidence which could tear Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) apart, destroy the Euro, and bring about a collapse in France and Germany, both of which hold vast stores of completely worthless derivatives ‘assets’.

Meanwhile the collapse of confidence and the disintegration of the bond markets fed on itself, affecting every relevant financial market worldwide, as the real pernicious consequences of the open-ended Fraudulent Finance espoused by the United States and driven by the Bush Crime Syndicate, finally hit home. The fact that we have been talking about this since our report dated 2nd September 2005 means that all concerned have had ample time to put matters right: but, as usual, everything has been left too late. And now it’s almost certainly FAR TOO LATE.

At 12:00 hrs UK time on 28th April we learned that lawyers for Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are in the Far East trying to tie the hands of the Chinese, but that Chinese officials, having absorbed the present report perhaps, are on the verge of putting the boot into the venally corrupt American authorities, by selling Treasuries for starters.

As for the display of ‘Blankfeinism’* presented for televised public consumption inter alia by Lloyd Blankfein, the Goldman Sachs CEO, before Mr Levin’s Congressional Committee, Mr Blankfein’s attempt to appear like a simpleton did not wash with his fellow Jew, a man of considerable integrity who doesn’t like being messed with and having his intelligence insulted.

Since the SEC filed its complaint [see Archive: 18th April 2010], the bell tolls for Goldman Sachs, which thinks it controls the UK financial system inter alia via its grip on Lloyds of London, and through that conduit, on the British Monarchical Power.

But Goldman has been FOUND OUT marketing dud assets, viz: derivative products based upon nothing other than a reference to an asset that does not underpin the derivative at all, which is OUTRIGHT RACKETEERING AND FRAUD, especially in the United States where ALL securitisation is illegal, as is also the case in other Common Law jurisdications [see our reports: ‘Securitisation is 100% illegal under US legislation’: Archive, 10 March 2010; and ‘Definitive illegality of securitisation is reconfirmed’: Archive, 18 April 2010].

THE DOLLAR REFUNDING MUST ORIGINATE IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR In order for the world to stand any chance of avoiding an irretrievable meltdown which will lead to the worst possible outcomes (outlined below):
• The transparent, on-the-books, fully taxable Dollar Refunding Programme agreed upon four years ago by the Group of Seven (G-7) financial powers using the large sovereign loan funds provided pro bono humanitas by the British Monarchical Power must proceed because the Refunding must be ORIGINATED in the private sector. (No official DEBT on the other side of the balance sheet).
• The structure for accomplishing this has been ready in London since 29th May 2009 and can proceed without any input from the US authorities who are terrified of ‘losing control’ and have been manoeuvring to ORIGINATE the Refunding from within the US Treasury.
• That would be catastrophic, because it presupposes that further open-ended and unnecessary DEBT is accumulated on the other side of the balance sheet, to offset the ‘assets’ made available by the Treasury for the false refunding purpose.
• By contrast, the private sector Dollar Refunding using the sovereign loan funds GENERATES NO DEBT WHATSOEVER but DELIVERS WINDFALL TAX ACCRUALS. As the Refunding will take place in London, the taxes payable to the British and American Governments will be delivered to the UK Treasury, with the US taxes payable by the British Treasury then forwarded on to the US Treasury, whether it likes it or not, as provided for under the Bretton Woods arrangements.

This is the simple, straightforward, transparent, honest, on-the-books, long since AGREED-UPON solution which the Bush Crime Syndicate and its compromised adherents within the US structures, have been resisting, in order to RETAIN CONTROL in the full knowledge that the route they have chosen will lead to hyperinflationary disaster as described in the report below.

Finally, we understand that (possibly, again, following publication of this report), US legislators are ALREADY having second thoughts about the folly of proceeding with the Dodd Senate Bill (with the Democrats facing wipe-out at the forthcoming mid-term elections), while we are also advised that Dr Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has suddenly twigged at last that if he’s not careful, he may preside over the American Weimar Republic. Apparently he has realised that a colossal inflation is in the works anyway, and is starting to come to his senses. But don’t bank on it.

• ‘Blankfeinism’: Play-acting by a perpetrator of financial crimes involving hand-wringing, diversion, obfuscation and invoking spurious arguments in refutation of the perpetrator’s egregious ongoing breaches of the Rule of Law which are crystal clear to everyone except the likes of Lloyd Blankfein.
NOTICES: Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review and associated intelligence services cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.

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This should come as no real surprise since the cynical spooks even assert this ‘in-your-face’ by advertising ‘INTEL INSIDE’, which says exactly what it means. More specifically, NSA have made great strides in this direction by having a back door built into Microsoft VISTA. Certain computers, especially those labelled with the logo of the ‘fully collaborating’ firm Hewlett Packard, have hard-core setups which facilitate the remote monitoring and controlling of personal computers by NSA, Fort Meade. We now understand that if you are using VISTA* you MUST NOT enable ‘file and printer sharing’ under any circumstances. If you say ‘YES’, so to speak, to ‘file and printer sharing’, your computer becomes a slave at once to NSA’s master computers. DO NOT ENABLE SHARING.

Unfortunately, this abomination is so far advanced that this may not be the only precaution that needs to be taken. As long as Microsoft continues its extensive cooperation with NSA and the NSC (National Security Council), the spying system which assists the criminalised structures, and thus hitherto the Bush-Clinton ‘Box Gang’ and its connections, with their fraudulent finance operations, NSA may be able to steal data from your computer. The colossal scourge of data theft is associated with this state of affairs: data stolen usually include Credit Card data, which the kleptocracy regards as almost as good as real estate for hypothecation purposes. Even so, you can make life very much more problematical for these utterly odious people by NOT USING U.S.-sourced so-called Internet Security and anti-virus software. Having been attacked and abused so often, we offer a solution.

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