Christopher STORY his work & more

This page is a tribute to his work & will increasingly carry the full archive, as he authorised me to do before his death, LINKS may not function but will be updated where possible..

Christopher STORY, Edward Harle



  1. hi interesting christopher revealed that
    madeleine was abducted for
    jose manuel barroso of EU
    ask gordon brown

    1. Hi,

      I believe Christopher’s opinion on this was more than a little fancifull as even now that the information that the McCann’s were suppressing is largely in the public domain there is absolutely zero evidence to sustain the theory.

      I appreciate a few irresponsible individuals of dubious ethics have promoted similar theories which can only be termed ‘Conspiracy Theories’ =- it seems that the only certainty in the case at the moment is that Madeleine McCann is missing and that she would NOT be missing had she had responsible parents who did not abandon her and her younger siblings to go carousing in a local taverna!

      The fact that the McCanns who as medical Doctors should have known better and could have well afforded baby sitters have not been charged for their clear and undeniable negligence would seem to be as a result of their status or perhaps the difficulty of levying such charges across borders in what is risibly called the UNITED EUropean UNION which dishonestly dupes people into the belief that there are no borders when it comes to crime or commerce!

      We may never know how the unfortunate Madeleine died or even if she was abducted but it is a salutary lesson to all that reckless abandonment of small children is a gross irresponsibility with every possibility of a tragic accident, be that death through choking, abduction or similar!

      Let us not forget that the rocky creeks of the coastline in the immediate area facing the breakers of the Atlantic would be an ideal place to dispose of the weighted body of a dead child!


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