25th May 2010: Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary and corrupt Payola recipient, tried to do a deal with the Chinese authorities during his just-completed visit to Peking (which was why he went there) and was told in no uncertain terms: NO DEAL. GET IT DONE.


ANNOUNCEMENT: 17 MAY 2010: INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY REVIEW RELEASED WORLDWIDE Outline details of this week’s release of International Currency Review are displayed in the second panel immediately below the NEWS panel on our Home Page. Also released are two further issues of Arab-Asian Affairs. Volume 33, # 5 of this title reveals how the Israeli authorities disguised the physical identity of David Kimche, the Israeli spymaster, drug controller and Director of the Israeli Foreign Office, even after his death, which took place on 8th March 2010.

MISPRISION OF FELONY: U.S. CODE, TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 1, SECTION 4: ‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

‘Seeing what’s at the end of one’s nose requires constant effort’. George Orwell.
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THE REAL REASONS BEHIND THE ‘RESIGNATION’ OF ADMIRAL DENNIS C. BLAIR On Friday 21st May 2010, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, announced his resignation from the top US intelligence post. He gave no reason for his sudden departure in a public statement that he circulated to the 16 US intelligence agencies that he oversaw, and neither did he express thanks to President Barack Obama for the opportunity to serve under him.

In order to obfuscate the real reason for Blair’s de facto dismissal – Obama asked him to resign, or said he would accept his resignation – the White House and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) have since been engaged in an operation to pull the wool over the eyes of the ‘mainstream’ media and the ‘Fifth Estate’ (the ‘Internet community’).

Specifically, to take the most mischievous report on this subject first:
• The Office of Naval Intelligence diversionary source labelled ‘By Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers’, item headed ‘Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated’, consists of disinformation and lies. On about half a dozen previous occasions we have specifically identified the authors of this diversionary source as:

(1): Commander J. Forrest Sharpe, of Light in the Darkness Publications, based in Vienna, VA, Sharpe is ‘active duty submarine service fleet’, i.e. an Office of Naval Intelligence operative.

(2): D. L. O’Huallachain, of Irish extraction, who inter alia covers for the Vatican.

These reports typically begin with the ignorant fantasy: ‘Rumors circulating in the Kremlin today…’, notwithstanding that, as the veteran Editor of Soviet Analyst, your correspondent can reconfirm that the Kremlin ‘doesn’t DO rumours’. Even though we have repeatedly exposed this deception, certain US websites specialising in maximising the potential for confusion persist in deceiving the public by disseminating the disinformation perpetrated by this malicious ‘redirection’ source.

All ANONYMOUS reports are suspect: and because they are not provenanced, can and should never be relied upon. Sorcha Faal is a fabrication. Anyone recycling the diversionary claptrap spewed out by this US Intelligence Power ‘redirection’ source, is being grossly irresponsible.
• On 21st May, The New York Times published a piece by Mark Mazzetti which entered the fray by starting with the following diversionary lead-in: ‘An already strained relationship between the White House and the departing spymaster Dennis C. Blair erupted earlier this year over Mr Blair’s efforts to cement close intelligence ties to France and broker a pledge between the nations not to spy on each other, American Government officials said Friday’.

Although there WAS a French dimension to what happened (see below), this ‘line’, as presented, was clearly diversionary because, as we have repeatedly explained, France fronts for Germany under the ‘indissoluble’ bilateral Franco-German Treaty of the Elysée dated January 1963; and since the ‘Black’ criminal cadres inside the US Intelligence Power ‘work with’ the long-range pan-German Fifth Column that has attempted to ‘take down’ the United States in accordance with the Nazi slogan ‘We will build the Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’, there was never any need to ‘cement relations’ with French intelligence or to formalise a closer relationship.

In other words, this ‘line’ invented by the White House/CIA disinformation apparat deliberately turned the ‘actualité’ upside down, to bamboozle the readers of The New York Times and the domestic and international communities generally,

Interestingly, The New York Times’ elaboration included the following sentence: ‘Officials said the dust-up was not the proximate cause of President Obama’s decision to remove Mr [sic] Blair, who announced his resignation on Thursday, from the job as Director of National Intelligence’.

Quite right, it wasn’t.

On the contrary, the factors underlying Admiral Blair’s ‘resignation’ were as follows:
• Admiral Dennis C. Blair had been pressing for months for the release of the hijacked funds blocked by President Barack Obama.
• Admiral Dennis C. Blair ‘asked’ President Obama to release the hijacked funds forthwith, and Obama REFUSED. Obama then demanded Blair’s resignation, which was accepted.
• Admiral Dennis C. Blair had acquired COPY CHECKS proving that, as we alone reported, Vice President Joseph Biden, US Treasury Secretary Geithner, and Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, were and are receiving weekly and monthly bribery payments from the Bush-CIA Crime Syndicate, in exchange for their ‘solidarity’ in blocking the releases.

All of which, of course, PROVES that President Obama has been operating as George H. W. Bush’s corrupt poodle, carrying out his instructions to continue the sabotage and blocking of the payouts. Which is precisely what he did at 2:36 p.m. EDT on Thursday 20th May.
• UPDATE. 25th May: The Daily Telegraph reproduces the deliberately diversionary spin report referenced above, on page 15 of the London edition, in an article entitled: ‘US spy chief ‘was forced to quit in row over France”. Thus we have confirmation that The Daily Telegraph newspaper is apt to reproduce American official diversionary propaganda and gross distortions of the truth without investigating what lies behind them. This example also manifestly demonstrates that The Daily Telegraph doesn’t bother to read our reports. The intelligence cell resident in the Press Room (as in all key Press Rooms on both sides of the Atlantic) no doubt sees to it that this never happens.
• By contrast, we have a report from Shanghai confirming that our reports are now accessible throughout China with no impediments whatsoever, whereas a year or so ago they were only accessible in the main international hotels.

BIDEN TOLD WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF HE DOESN’T CEASE AND DESIST It was made clear last week to Vice President Joseph Biden that if he continued with his sabotage, he would cease to be vertical in short order.
• UPDATE. 25th May: There are reports that the motorcades of both Vice President Joseph Biden and the former President William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton have recently been involved in accidents. Clinton’s van was hit on 24th May while he was en route to Yale to deliver a speech in which he decried the ‘birthers’ attacking Obama. Biden’s motorcade was involved in yet another accident a couple of weeks ago. We should have twigged, when reporting the earlier incidents of Biden’s road transportation being involved in accidents, that these episodes represent warnings of much worse to follow: viz. signals to the Veep (and Clinton) to cease and desist their sabotage.

It is also believed that a similar message was conveyed to President Barack Obama, although our intelligence on Biden is firmer. Close observers of ours have confirmed that, appearing in public, Biden appeared to be ‘visibly disturbed’. As well he might be.

Separately, the focus on France contained in The New York Times’ report was appropriate on purpose, indicating where a serious problem had arisen, but carefully not dealing with the actual issue – namely a French fraud associated with the releases, believed to have involved Pearce and the Bush CIA operative based in Dallas who was in touch with us for two and a half years until last January, when we basically outed him.

According to our latest information, these two veteran operatives were arrested. At all events, we are advised that ‘the French fraud has been dealt with’ – a major step forward, as we now know that the Dallas-based operative was spying on us on behalf of the Bush Financial Crime apparat all that time. There are unconfirmed hints that the aforementioned fraudsters were horizontalised.

OBAMA’S LIES TO THE HIGHEST BRITISH AUTHORITY EXPOSED Although we cannot go into much detail, on Friday evening 21st May (or at the latest, Saturday morning) copies of the letters from Mr A. Clifton Hodges copied to us here and displayed in the preceding report were received at the highest level through our intermediary, addressed to the most senior official serving the Monarchy.

Combined with the package of materials that had been delivered by the same means on the morning of Gordon Brown’s resignation (see again below), the highest level in London now realised that the Obama White House had lied to them.

This will also have become apparent to the MI6 officers who thought last week (as we reported earlier) that everything was ready to go: which information, as we stated, was erroneous. It appears that the MI6 (MI9?) officers concerned realised, with our publication of Mr Hodges’ letters to the President, that they, along with the Palace, had indeed been lied to.

We understand that the beneficial equivalent of all hell breaking loose then ensued on Saturday.

UPDATE, 25th May: THE SARAH FERUGSON EPISODE: ANOTHER OPERATION AGAINST THE BRITISH MONARCHY In the past, we have briefly alluded to an operation run by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) some time ago, in which a 24-year-old Italian-American was exposed as involved with one of Prince Andrew’s daughters while still a child. We commented that this represented a despicable covert US intelligence thrust to destabilise the Monarchy (one of many such ongoing underhand initiatives by the US Intelligence Power), by taking advantage of the dysfunctional state of affairs surrounding Prince Andrew and his former naive and guile-less wife.

The latest unfortunate episode involving Sarah Ferguson is another chapter in this sequence, albeit transacted by The News of the World, a dirty, scrurrilous Sunday newspaper owned by the dirty, scurrilous media mogul Rupert Murdoch, using a reporter of Pakistani origin, please note.

One dimension of the latest episode is that Prince Andrew has struck up close connections with the former Khazakh Communist Party Boss, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is engaged in building a monstrous city largely designed by the pagan British architect Sir Norman Foster, which features a significant number of geomasonic buildings, including a colossal pryamid containing in-your-face masonic symbolism, and two buildings mimicking Jachin and Boaz, the pillars in Solomon’s Temple.

Nazarbayev glided seamlessly into the Bush Crime Syndicate orbit and has been photographed with George W. Bush, the implication being that the upgraded city being constructed with Khazakh energy and uranium wealth is intended to represent one of George Bush Sr.’s ‘thousand points of light’, meaning cities dedicated exclusively to the darkness. This is confirmed by the fact that Mr Nazarbayev changed the city’s name to Astana, being an anagram of the Russian for Satan, satana.

So the latest Fergie episode can be seen in this context to be yet another operation, handled via cutouts, to destabilise the Monarchy but in particular to discredit Prince Andrew, whose work has made serious inroads into a bailiwick that the Bush Crime Family thought they had all wrapped up.

The forthcoming issue of our intelligence publication Soviet Analyst has a detailed exposure of Astana and how Nazarbayev is squandering Kazakh wealth on sterile geomasonic power symbols.

THE CURSE OF STORY At the top of our report dated 11th May 2010, we revealed (see also above) that US Vice President Joseph Biden, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, are/were in receipt of weekly and monthly bribery cheques in exchange for their continued assistance to the Bush-CIA ‘Black’ apparat in blocking the releases which the White House has hijacked under both the Bush II and the Obama régimes.

As usual, and in accordance with their confusion-mongering and disinformation instructions, the flaky US websites magnifying the unprovenanced opinions of anonymous bloggers and thereby serving the obfuscation interests of the ‘Black’ apparat by specialising in maximising the fog of confusion to help protect the US kleptocracy from exposure (while maintaining an opposite self-righteous stance) ran off at once down rabbit holes with the historical Fritz Kraemer information, disregarding the sensational revelation concerning these highest-level bribees.

This is typical of these professional confusion-mongers: they are trained to pick up peripheral data and thereby to obfuscate the central issues that have been exposed. It’s called ‘redirection’.

Notwithstanding this typical ‘Black’ response, the curse of Story descended upon both the Bush and the Biden families with a vengeance following that posting. Specifically:
• Vice President Joseph Biden’s son Beau, Attorney General of Delaware, collapsed on the same day that we posted the revelation about Vice President Biden’s acceptance of these Bushbribes. One can speculate that the shock of learning that his father was at the receiving end of Payola – and more to the point, knowing how these people think, that this scandalous state of affairs had been exposed – may have been too much for the Delaware Attorney General, not least given his official status. After all, as we pointed out, and as every American schoolboy knows, acceptance of bribes while holding high office is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE. It remains to be seen whether what remains of the emasculated US Rule of Law kicks in here, or whether the preference will yet again be to brush this abomination under the filthy carpet at the Veep’s official residence.
• On 18th May, the brother of George H. W. Bush – William H. T. Bush, aged 71 – collapsed during an Annual Meeting of health insurer WellPoint Inc., held naturally in Indianapolis, thus bringing an abrupt end to a noisy meeting of discontented shareholders.

William Bush was transferred to the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. According to the de facto US State Information Agency, Associated Press, he was enduring a question-and-answer session with other directors when he moaned and leaned over to his right side.

Officials seized the opportunity to clear the room, leaving disident shareholders bewildered. The Associated Press report elaborated that ‘The insurer has received strong criticism from the Obama Administration and others for planning rate hikes of 25% or more for some of its customers. Several company critics attended the meeting’.

It is of course standard US intelligence practice to ‘check into hospital’ whenever the going gets rough, so it may be the case that this was a device to get the meeting closed down. However the circumstances strongly suggest otherwise. It will be recalled that Mr Biden’s ‘Black’ predecessor, former Vice President Richard B. Cheney, whom we believe to be ‘perfectly possessed’, was in the habit, from time to time, of checking into the hospital at the casualty entrance, and, after a polite interval, stepping into his limousine from a back exit from the hospital.

CHENEY’S ATTEMPT TO STEAL $2.0 TRILLION FROM BoA, ATLANTA As reported here on 21st May, this same CIA criminal operative, former Vice President Richard B. Cheney, accompanied by Carlyle Group executives and thugs, appeared late on Wednesday 19th May at Bank of America, Atlanta, and attempted to steal $2.0 trillion from the funds allocated for the releases. Since precisely such a move had been anticipated by the Gold Badge Signatory (whose identity is revealed in Mr A. Clifton Hodges’ letters posted by us on 21st May), they were caught in flagrante and physically ejected from the bank.

These criminal thugs should have been cuffed and thrown face-down into the back of an armoured police van, and removed for immediate incarceration sine die pending indictment for attempted bank robbery. There is no indication as to whether such a sequel materialised, which is why we castigated the American law enforcement authorities as weaklings and cowards.

UPDATE, 25th May: CHENEY ET AL THEN TRIED TO CASH BOGUS CERTIFICATES IN PARIS It transpires that Cheney, the Carlyle executives et al first tried to cash bogus gold certificates for $2.0 trillion at Bank of America, Atlanta. Then, over the weekend of 21st-22nd May, they attempted to cash the bogus gold certificates in Paris (‘the French fraud’). This operation failed, as well.
• What this demonstrates is that the official US criminalists are now DESPERATE, and essentially that ‘it’s over’. They have been exposed and caught in flagrante. Their entire edifice of corrupt operations is collapsing. These developments are of exceptional importance for the future.

CRIMINAL CIA OPERATIVE CHENEY WALKS AWAY FROM HIS ATTEMPTED BANK ROBBERY. A BRIT GETS THREE MONTHS AND DEPORTATION FOR A MINOR TRAFFIC INFRACTION. By contrast, a British contact of the Editor’s who had been resident for some time in the United States, reported to us on 22nd May, that, earlier this year, he was arrested and then jailed for three months for a minor traffic infringement.

On being released from the US Gulag, he was deported to Britain. This case illustrates the extreme skewing of the Rule of Law in the United States, which on the one hand allows notorious financial criminals like Mr Cheney to retire with apparent impunity from their latest attempt to rob Bank of America of $2.0 trillion on behalf of the Bush-CIA Crime Syndicate, while on the other hand jailing a Briton for three months for a minor traffic infringement, followed by deportation.

WHY DID THE CIA’S BANK PHYSICALLY EJECT CHENEY ET AL? You way well ask: why were Cheney and his henchmen physically ejected from the bank, given that Bank of America is the CIA’s primary tame institution, and given further that the Director of Central Intelligence, Leon Panetta, has remained himself, as we have reported, engaged in the systematic blocking of the settlements (playing the familiar cynical game of shuttlecock with Mr Geithner and President Obama, each blaming the others, so that no progress is made – exactly the same tactics that were routinely used by Paulson, Cheney, Chertoff and the other odious scum of the earth that controlled the US structures under the corrupt President George W. Bush).

The question can only be answered generically. Inside a sack, rats attack other rats. Jealousy and hatred prevail and the thieves turn on each other. In the Atlanta context, it will be recalled that we have reported that further waves of bankers have been arrested since March, so one assumes that the bank officers at Bank of America, Atlanta, knew this and sensibly, for once, refused to go along with the Cheney-Carlyle heist on behalf of the Bush-CIA Crime Syndicate. Additionally, since the intended bank robbery was anticipated and the monies were heavily ‘marked’ electronically, the bank officers concerned would themselves have been thrown into jail or extradited to Europe by INTERPOL had they accommodated such an outrage.

More to the point, as the BoA heist was correctly anticipated, the intention may have been to catch these crooks in flagrante so that they can be arrested and indicted later. Americans and the whole world are crying out for the likes of Mr Cheney to be physically arrested in front of the world’s TV cameras. US associates of ours call for a much messier display to be televised, as we mentioned in the report dated 11th May 2010.

It is just (but only just) possible that what is preventing this from happening is a fear that such a display would publicise the depths of US decay, decadence and degradation – whereas the reality is that the televised arrest of a mastercrook like Cheneyscum would, on the contrary, immediately restore a degree of both domestic and external confidence that the American Republic can save itself from being completely destroyed by this corruption. But don’t ‘bank’ on it.

THE WORLD FELL APART WHILE THE CROOKS CONTINUED STEALING As you can see, the whole world has been falling apart, with stock markets lending new meaning to the word ‘toilet’ – and yet these serial US criminals have continued to stonewall, bribe, hijack, lie, whine, writhe and wriggle their way as though there was no crisis and they were simply engaged in their usual non-stop scamming and stealing operations. (Remember, however, that what we report, though almost ‘real-time’, is in fact historical. Consider carefully what has just been said here).

Their objective is to stop the Dollar Refunding operation at all costs, out of jealousy and fear of ‘losing control’ (which is happening anyway) while repeatedly seeking to steal as much of the underlying real money they can grab hold of – just as happened in the Soviet Union from 1991 onwards. The very latest failed attempt at stealing funds was the thwarted ‘French fraud’.
• The fact that the finances of the world are crumbling daily before the crooks’ shaded eyes is of no concern whatsoever to these criminals.

They have been trying every ruse under the sun to steal real funds from the release monies: and of course we have only been able to report a few of these operations: the crass attempt to divert the funds via the serial thief and felon Wanta, Bush Sr.’s scamming facilitator and former courier, into a fake ‘virtual’ Central Bank of the non-existent Principality of Snake Hill, but in actual fact via the French Embassy thanks to the former French Ambassador to the United States, M. Levitte, who is now President Sarkozy’s top intelligence adviser. M. Sarkozy’s half-brother, ‘Oliver’ Sarkozy, is a senior executive with the Carlyle Group which sent executives with Cheney on the evening of 19th May to try to relieve Bank of America, Atlanta, of $2.0 trillion of the release funds.

Then there was the equally crass imposition of the Biden-linked Mafioso Salvatore R. DeFrancesco as ‘secretary’ on the complicit Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau’s screen for Pennsylvania Investments Inc., which we exposed and which resulted in the Gold Badge Signatory having to acquire bodyguards day and night.

Next, the CIA leaked a ‘fatwah’ against the Gold Badge Signatory, namely a formal execution order – a factor that may have emboldened that blockhead Cheney into assuming that he could safely risk the attempted heist at the Bank of America, Atlanta. Whether the leaking of this information formed part of a smokescreen generated by the Intelligence Power to sow further confusion, as we later surmised, has not really been clarified.

CRISIS AND CURE ARE EXCLUSIVELY RESULTS OF THE CRIMINALITY EXPOSURES Yet despite all this (and the years of reportage on this crisis that preceded it), as you can also see, the dumb so-called ‘mainstream’ media have STILL not understood that the crisis is EXCLUSIVELY A CONSEQUENCE of the exposure of the endless financial criminality of the organised criminals who have long since hijacked and remain in charge of the US Government and structures.
• President Obama’s words are always smooth: but it is by his actions, or lack of action, that he is to be judged. And on that criterion, he has set himself up as simply yet another Bush-worshipping Financial Terrorist wearing the familiar garb of President of the United States.

Just how deep this culture of open-ended, unrestrained criminality has penetrated the American structures more generally, is confirmed, for instance, by reports of the free-wheeling operations of the Church of Satan inside the US military, which is said to be ignorant of, and indifferent to, the extreme dangers of the esoteric rituals and practices now prevalent in its ranks. One military wife has reported in detail on the satanic rituals her husband had to go through in order to secure advancement. In other words, he had to sell his soul to Satan if he wanted to continue his career.

Although this is simply indicative of the evil and corruption that has overwhelmed the US structures like a ghastly avalanche of sewage, any Government that thinks it’s OK to invade another country (Iraq) using depleted uranium shells, is manifestly bound to Satan anyway.

Iraqi doctors are reported to be outraged that cancer is spreading throughout the Iraqi population. Cancer rates in the Province of Babil have risen almost tenfold in just three years. Specifically, in 2004, 500 cancer cases were diagnosed there. Two years later, the figure had risen to 1,000. By 2008, the number of cancer cases in Babil Province had soared to 7,000.
• The situation there is now believed to be completely out of control.

The stupid British military, which goes along with US military abominations, or has done hitherto, reportedly also allows Satanists to practice their ‘religion’ inside its ranks. It is likewise complicit in the use of weapons of mass destruction, which is what depleted uranium shells undoubtedly are.

AS MI6 HAS JUST DISCOVERED, THE WHITE HOUSE LIES TO EVERYONE, EVEN THE QUEEN The point of all this is that given the extreme darkness that has long since descended upon the Beltway and beyond, anyone (especially laid-back British intelligence cadres) who imagines that undertakings given by ANY component of the US structures can be relied upon, is in urgent need of brain surgery. As reported in our 21st May item, ‘London’ was telling its Stateside contacts on 20th May 2010 that everything was in order for the distribution – an assessment which was 100% inaccurate, indicating either that these people are not up to speed, or that they remain under the delusion that US official undertakings have meaning. They don’t. American official honour has been decimated by these organised criminals, and the sooner the complacent and opinionated British establishment recognises this basic reality, the better.
• They have now understood that they were lied to by the White House and the CIA.

Certainly, British officials do no service to The Queen by buying into the latest batch of lies spewed out by their corrupt American counterparts. If MI6 officers were in fact themselves lying, this would indicate that the gut-rot from the other side of the Atlantic is corroding their mental facilities, too.

Interestingly, when we put this possibility to a knowledgeable US source, he responded; ‘It doesn’t matter if they were lying. So what? The crisis is so out in the open now (among those ‘in the know’) that any lies are exposed almost the moment they are perpetrated’. True!

Our old rule of thumb – that public lies, like plutonium, have a half-life, and that their average life expectancy is seven years – appears no longer to be valid in this context. On the contrary, in the prevailing escalating chaos, an official lie is liable to be seen to be a lie – making it much harder for inveterate intelligence liars to get away with whatever dirty tricks they were trying to perpetrate.

THE CURSE OF GEORGE H. W. BUSH AND THE ‘EUROPEAN CRISIS’ George H. W. Bush’s dirty finger marks are to be found all over the ‘European crisis’ – up to and including, of course, the ‘French fraud’ that has just been stifled (see above) – arising from the free-wheeling Fraudulent Finance involving securitisation, which is illegal.

This is because, as previously revealed by this service, Citibank, based in Athens, handled counterparty derivatives transactions with elements of the Bush-Cheney Fraudulent Finance cadres, accumulating a vast portfolio of completely worthless ‘Trashets’ for which ‘good’ money (i.e. Euros) had been exchanged.

Like all derivatives transactions and trading contracts applicable under US law and in Common Law countries, all contracts entered into for an illegal purpose are by definition null and void – which means that more or less the entire universe of such derivatives transactions are in fact void, and can be challenged in court – a state of affairs that hasn’t arisen yet, since every residual party to this scamfest is hoping that such a meltdown can somehow be avoided.

But that is the ‘bottom line’: and even the bewildered organised criminal strategists know that the vast accruals that they have stashed offshore are intrinsically worthless, since they can no longer reveal ‘source of funds’ as required under the Basle banking requirements, without compromising themselves and facing inter alia charges of tax evasion.

This is because not only are these ‘earnings’ illegitimate, having involved inter alia tax evasion, but they are derived from contracts that are null and void because they were entered into for a criminal purpose. The Bush-CIA criminalist designers of these scams sought to export their Fraudulent Finance operations precisely because they are wholly illegal in the United States – whereas the participation, for instance, of corrupt Greek bankers at Citibank supposedly lent such illegal transactions ‘50% legitimacy’. We can now see where this careless assumption has led.

CITIBANK, ATHENS: LOCUS OF WANTA’S BUSH SR. ACCOUNTS Citibank, Athens, was the locus of accounts set up by Bush’s former courier, the dual-named Lee/Leo Wanta – that Bush-protected criminal operative and scam-master, who stole a bona fide loan that got his probation shortened by five years and two weeks with the aid of his co-conspiring CIA Attorney, Steven Goodwin, of Richmond, VA.

In other words, instead of running a country, the previous Greek Government preferred instead (like Bush’s partners in Iceland, Ireland and elsewhere) to run a huge Ponzi scheme – squandering the nation’s liquid currency resources in exchange for what has turned out to be minus zilch.

GERMAN BANKS SCAMMED BY BUSH, WHEREAS STOLEN BUSH AND GORBACHEV PROCEEDS ARE STASHED IN ST GALLEN, SWITZERLAND Now the important point here is that Germany, Bush Senior’s closest collaborator, is in the same boat in this respect as Greece: its big banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank) are reportedly stuffed to the gills with worthless ‘Trashets’, given not least that Frau Angela Merkel – the former Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Young Communists at Marx-Lenin University, in case you had forgotten – has been acting as Bush Senior’s ‘gatekeeper’ in Germany, a.k.a. agent supervising the Bush Crime Family’s business in German institutions.

It appears, though, that the tangible fraudulent Bushwealth has been stashed in Deutsche AG, formerly Barrington Investment Group, of which the partners are, also in case you had forgotten:
• George H. W. Bush, former President of the United States.
• Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachëv (Orbach), former President of the Soviet Union and before that, head of the all-powerful CPSU Administrative Department, which rôle he has long since resumed, operating from a large wing in the Kremlin.

Gorbachëv’s version of the World Revolution is in full swing, and the ignorance of many Americans on this score (we have been told that the new generation can’t even remember who Mr Gorbachëv was) is intolerable. Gorbachëv is BEHIND THIS MESS: wake up!
• Dr Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Germany, whose unsavoury ‘Black’ background has been partially re-exposed by this service.
• Dr Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank AG.

BEHIND AGITPROP SECRETARY MERKEL’S ‘EURO IN DANGER’ PLOY Bush’s agent and former Communist agitprop operative (STASI), Frau Merkel, has made what the British would call ‘a right pig’s ear’ of the ‘Euro crisis’ arising EXCLUSIVELY as a consequence of Germany’s own self-indulgence in Fraudulent Finance transactions, replicated inter alia in Greece.
• Essentially, the Germans have been caught at their own corrupt game: and they are in a panic. Equally panicked are the French, who allowed Banque Paribas to accumulate over 3,000 Bush Sr.-linked accounts, handled by Barbara Bush’s Pearce relative.

As we pointed out earlier, the Germans care not a Greek iota for the plight of Greece. No. What concerns the STASI operative at the top in Germany is the prospect of the COLLAPSE OF THE GERMAN HEGEMONY PROJECT.
• Specifically, Frau Merkel told the Bundestag on 19th May 2010:

‘This challenge is existential and we have to rise to it. The Euro is in danger. If we don’t deal with this danger, then the consequences for Europe are incalculable’.

‘If the Euro fails, then Europe fails’..

However what the former Communist agitprop secretary failed to remind the Bundestag was that sober observers had warned right through the 1990s and especially in 1998 that the attempt by Germany to impose ‘irrevocable exchange rates’ (as provided for under the Maastricht Treaty) on ancient economies which had developed quite separately from Germany, would end in disaster as soon as a really serious ‘shock’ – such as has occurred following ‘Greece’ – materialised.

For instance, we ourselves incurred much unpopularity from the likes of the Bank of England and the brainwashed National Bank of Belgium for warning, in successive articles that we published in International Currency Review, that the EU’s Collective (Common) Currency System contained the glaringly obvious seeds of its own destruction.

In those days, no-one took the slightest notice, and most observers thought we were nuts. Peter Jay, the former British Ambassador to Washington, published an article which drove home our points, but that made no difference either.

So the blatant hand-wringing, pleading for mercy, Teutonic reactions and other predictable and cowardly displays of a growing realisation that the whole confounded pan-German ‘European project’ is indeed doomed to failure, cuts no ice whatsoever in this office.

On the contrary, the perpetrators of this foolish and arrogant scheme are facing what we predicted they would ultimately face: the collapse of their hegemony project, followed by the chaos that Frau Merkel fears. Once again, the Germans, as is their wont, have overplayed their hand.

FORMER BUNDESBANK PRESIDENT DID NOT DENY IN 1998 THAT GERMANY MAY HAVE HOARDED DEUTSCHEMARKS IN ANTICIPATION OF THE EURO COLLAPSING Not that Germany itself failed to anticipate such an outcome. On the contrary, as we have also reported on several occasions, the former President of the Bundesbank, Dr Hans Tietmeyer – now running the super-corrupt Vatican Bank on behalf of his German Jewish Papal Master, and looking after the Bush-related accruals held there – refused to answer a key question put to him at a press conference attended by one of our colleagues in 1998. The question was this (paraphrase):

‘Dr Tietmeyer, has the Bundesbank taken the precaution of printing and storing adequate supplies of Deutschemarks for distribution should the Euro system disintegrate in the future?’

As indicated, Dr Tietmeyer did not pooh-pooh this question. He didn’t deny that the Bundesbank had taken such a sensible precaution. He just refused to answer the question. The implication is that the Bundesbank has adequate supplies of deutschemarks in stock for the eventuality finally acknowledged by Frau Merkel, which could be distribuited very quickly.

GREECE SHOULD HAVE TURNED DOWN THE GERMAN MONEY AND RESTORED THE DRACHMA So, reverting to Frau Merkel’s statement that ‘the Euro is in danger’, the critical point underlying this observation is as follows. Germany has provided a substantial sum of ‘good’ money in loans to help ‘bail out’ Greece (on a temporary basis). Which means that Greece has to pay this money back with interest (somehow).

If Greece were to extract itself suddenly from the Collective Currency, its replacement drachma would naturally be sharply devalued against the Euro – which would leave Greece in an even worse situation, as it would have to repay the Euro-denominated loans with devalued drachmae.

Which means as follows:
• Number One: Greece is caught and can never get out of its bind, short of its entire external debt being written off. Presumably Frau A. Merkel took the risk that, in order to ‘save’ the pan-German hegemony project, the funds allocated for Greece would ultimately be lost: in which case language is not available to describe the cynicism of this move.
• Germany, having reacted in knee-jerk fashion in order to ‘protect the Euro’ has realised that, as Angela Merkel has pronounced, ‘the Euro is indeed in danger’ because Greece’s situation (to be replicated in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, for starters) is now irretrievable.
• The Greeks should have got out of the Collective Currency system straight away, turning down the German loan. A de facto default would be a better option than where they are now.

BUT THERE IS ANOTHER DIMENSION WHICH, DESPITE WHAT WE HAVE PUBLISHED, HAS SO FAR BEEN COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED. CONTRACTS ENTERED INTO FOR AN ILLEGAL PURPOSE ARE NULL AND VOID. Therefore, what the Greeks should have done, if they had had their wits about them, was to declare all the fraudulent transactions conducted mainly through Citibank, Athens, VOID, thereby cancelling the fraudulent debts unilaterally, which they are entitled to do on this basis.

By repudiating the fraudulent debt on this sound legal basis and specifically making it clear that the underlying contracts, entered into under the previous Greek Government, are VOID, they would perform two key functions: first, they would ‘get out from under’; and secondly, they would hasten the total collapse of the entire fraudulent derivatives sector, which is happening anyway, doing us all a favour. By acknowledging the validity of the debts, the Greeks have made a fatal mistake. All those debts are null and void because the underlying contracts were entered into for an illegal purpose. Surely there are lawyers in Greece capable of understanding this.

Even at this late stage, the Greeks should repudiate the debts on this sound legal basis, and send the foreign and German money back with a note saying:

‘Thanks, but on second thoughts. no thanks’.

U.S. SENATE BLOCKS IMF PAYMENTS TO DEBT SPIRAL COUNTRIES On top of all this, the US Senate voted 94-0 during the week ending 21st May 2010 to preclude the International Monetary Fund from deploying funds to countries (such as Greece) that are trapped in a debt spiral. Since the IMF is effectively these days just a branch of the White House, this could prevent the IMF from providing its own component of the grandiose European bail-out package trumpeted in the preceding week by the Europeans – a tranche amounting to about one-third of the total bail-out aggregate of about $1.0 trillion.

The stupid Brussels and Berlin apparatchiks, whose product is always ‘more regulation’, imagine that the way out of this intractable mess of their own willful bureaucratic making is more and more regulation, supervision of national budgets before presentation to national legislatures, and like administrative measures which do not relate in any way to market pressures. Their delusions will quickly be exposed, and the universal expectation is for a rapid descent into fragmentation.
• The European Union Collective is by definition so bureaucratic and cumbersome that it cannot in reality coexist with modern electronic financial markets at all. That’s why the Euro is doomed.

PAN-GERMAN POLITICAL HEGEMONY PROJECT UNRAVELLING In other words, the German geopolitical hegemony project that was elaborated by the Hitler Nazi élite in 1942, and promulgated via ‘Europäishe Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (European Economic Community), released in Berlin in 1942 by publishers Haude & Spenersche Verlagsbuchhandlung Max Paschke, one copy of which is held by the British Library and another at the Staatsbiblithek, Berlin, is poised to fall apart at last.
• The chapter headings of this Nazi tome correspond almost precisely to the main headings of the Maastricht Treaty, indicating an unbroken continuity of strategic thinking and intent on the part of the long-range pan-German planning intelligentsia, which the STASI agent Merkel serves.

In response to this realisation, Frau Merkel and the Brussels gravy-train apparat, headed by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council (who owes his position to a concerted operation by France and Germany to block the candidacy of Tony Blair), are attempting in vain to leverage the imminent ‘catastrophe’ to their advantage – stressing the ‘need’ for revisions of the Lisbon Treaty to lock further tight restrictions into the system so that Germany and its ever more fractious ‘partner for all eternity’ (as under the January 1963 Treaty of the Elysée), France, can somehow ‘impose discipline’ on the recalcitrant peripheral EU ‘Member States’ – conveniently forgetting that France and Germany are both in grave breach of the rules generally, and of the requirements of the EU’s so-called ‘Stability and Growth Pact’ in particular.

Underlying all this is the ridiculous Teutonic and, it has to be said, revolutionary Talmudic, notion that every facet of economic, social and political life can be ‘regulated’. Regulation is the essence not only of Talmudic thinking, but also of its product, Communism.

On the face of it, it would appear that those of us who have opposed this German Euro-trap from the outset, and whose lives have been wasted trying to do our best to derail it, may find that we won’t need to do much more – as the chances of it collapsing from within can even be seen to be high by brainwashed EUdolaters themselves.
• They chose to disregard the warnings proffered by this service and others: so, as far as we are concerned, they are faced with the consequences of their own stupidity.

Various UK journalists are panicking that a collapse of the Euro will severely affect Britain, on the basis that 50% of UK exports are delivered to the Eurozone. This statement is inaccurate, as the proportion of UK exports is skewed by long-standing fiddling of British energy data and other factors. British exports to the Eurozone will continue with the restoration of national currencies, amid a likely regional competitive devaluation environment.

9/11: MORE DOCUMENTED ‘SMOKING GUN’ INTELLIGENCE It may be recalled that we have previously cited two sources of intelligence indicating that the 9/11 atrocities – in which 12,000 people died in the Twin Towers demolition operations alone, not the officially estimated 3,000 – were known about well in advance of the ‘Reichstag Fire’ event.

• Both here and more extensively in our publication Soviet Analyst, we have long since exposed the ‘Prison Letter’ scrawled by the since incarcerated Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Lieutenant Delmart ‘Mark’ Vreeland, dated June 2001. He identified the intention and summarised the official policy as ‘LET ONE HAPPEN. STOP THE REST!!!’.

In March 2005, the Pentagon-linked operative Demchuk (a.k.a. Walker) informed the Editor of this service that ‘Vreeland is in solitary confinement for a very long time, his case is sealed, and he’s no longer a threat to you’ – which was nice to know, as Vreeland had threatened the Editor with death in May 2003 after the Editor had refused to carry out his ‘instructions’ to disembark from a train from Niagara Falls en route to New York City, after we had interviewed him in Niagara Falls (Canada).
• During that experience, Vreeland scammed the Editor’s VISA card of the equivalent of £1,600, having apparently read the numbers of the card upside down when the Editor was paying the hotel bill in Niagara Falls after two days of interviews with this Illuminati split ONI personality.

Delmart E. Vreeland (his correct name) was arrested in October 2004 after trying to scam a gas station by means of Credit Card fraud. On 22nd October 2008, he was sentenced on 12 counts under case Number 04CR706 and as of March 2010, his ‘Current Facility Assignment’ was Buena Vista Correctional Complex, run by the Colorado Department of Corrections, DOC Number 143539. As he is known to have opened one diplomatic bag that he had couriered from Moscow (treason), no doubt one of the counts covered that offence, although paedophilia was also involved. His estimated parole eligibility date is 2nd March 2100.
• We have revealed that one reason the dual-named operative Lee/Leo Wanta, Bush Sr.’s courier, was held in jail was that he knew about the impending 9/11 ‘Reichstag Fire’ operation, and there was concern that his disaffection at the way he had been treated under both Clinton and Bush II, might lead him to expose the conspiracy. About ten days after 9/11, all of a sudden, Mr Wanta was miraculously released, and was collected from jail by the AUSTRIAN Gerald Salchert and taken to a family residence in Wisconsin.

Now, a document has surfaced which clearly reveals that certain US cadres KNEW ABOUT 9/11 IN ADVANCE. The document in question, dated December 2001 (but see below) was entitled:

‘Homeland Defense and the Transportation Industry: The Civil Aviation and Surface Transportation Sectors’.

‘A report on a seminar-workshop on Homeland Defense held in Denver, Colorado on October 30, 2001, sponsored by the Denver Council on Foreign Relations (DCFR), the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS), Rocky Mountain Region, the Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI) at the University of Denver (DU), and the Institute on Globalization and Security (IGLOS) at DU’s Graduate School of International Studies’.
• Additional information displayed on the cover of the report:

‘This report was prepared by Greg Moore with the earlier help of colleague rapporteurs at the University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies: Michael Opheim and Martin Wayne’.

Denver Council on Foreign Relations denvercouncil@hotmail.com

On page 4 of this document is found the following sentence:

‘In the last meeting (May 2001), participants discussed Washington and New York as the most likely targets, even discussing a scenario in which a plane is hijacked and crashed into a high-value target’.

So, the Council on Foreign Relations knew, in May 2001:
• The exact two cities that would be attacked.
• The exact method of attack.
• The precise type of target that would be attacked.

It would be interesting to know whether any of the participants that that meeting had heard of Misprision of Felony. Certainly Mr Wanta, who was all for us promoting Misprision of Felony to buttress his false case before he performed the usual ‘switch’ twin of the ‘bait’ trap on us, has heard of it. He could be jailed on that single count – leaving aside his Fraud in the Inducement vulnerabilities, including the fraudulent loan arrangements that he concocted with his corrupt CIA lawyer Steven Goodwin, of Richmond, VA (born in Düsseldorf) to defraud the Editor of this service of his $35,000 loan plus interest, and his theft of those and other funds.

REPORT FROM LONDON: ‘NICK, NICK, THE QUEEN EXPECTS ME TO GO’ The new British Government has one advantage: it isn’t the corrupt Brown Government. The Conservative-Liberal Coalition exists not only because the post-election mathematics precluded any alternative arrangement, although Brown thought for a time that this was possible; but also because Brown was expected to leave office, not only by the people, but more to the point, by The Queen. Confirmation of this seeped into the public domain in an investigative round-up report published in The Sunday Times on 16th May.

In that report, Brown, having received a message from the Palace on the morning of Tuesday 11th May asking when he would be going to tender his resignation to Her Majesty, is reported to have phoned the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, to say:

‘Nick, Nick, I can’t hold on any longer. Nick, I’ve got to go to the Palace. The country expects me to go. The Queen expects me to go. I can’t hold on any longer’.

This information represents what Gordon Brown told Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democratic leader, verbatim, having been reported by a photographer who was allowed into Downing Street to record what were expected to be Brown’s final days in Downing Street.

The Queen expected Brown to go, and he went. As soon as Brown had taken leave of The Queen, the corrupt nexus established between Tony Blair and George W. Bush, and continued by Gordon Brown, disintegrated. This axis had been responsible for sustaining the sabotage of the releases for years, and was the bedrock upon which the arrogant Paulson, Cheney, Geithner and their co-conspiring companions confidently sustained their opposition and constant destabilisation of the releases required under the Basle List restitution arrangements.

DOCUMENTS PREVIOUSLY BLOCKED BY BROWN (ON BEHALF OF GEORGE W. BUSH) DELIVERED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL IMMEDIATELY AHEAD OF BROWN’S RESIGNATION Now earlier on the morning of 11th May, information and documents, under cover of a letter from Mr A. Clifton Hodges, the lawyer representing Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., his US corporation Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., and his London-based corporation Cottrell Securities Limited, had been delivered at the highest level to Buckingham Palace. The package of documents contained covering letters from the Editor of this service addressed to a known official at the Palace dating back 18 months and to June 2009. It is believed that the official may have been contacted to ask whether she had been aware of these documents. When the answer was in the negative, it may have been realised that the previous deliveries had been diverted to Downing Street – Brown’s Downing Street, that is – indicating with crystal clarity that Brown had suppressed the necessary information that had needed to be conveyed to Buckingham Palace. This, therefore, is the main significance of The Sunday Times’ report that Brown told Clegg: ‘The Queen expects me to go’.
• Of course this indicates that Mr Brown may have deliberately frrustrated the resolution of the financial chaos for which his mishandling of the country’s finances was responsible.

NEW UK GOVERNMENT RUSHES TO INGRATIATE ITSELF ABROAD: A SIGN OF WEAKNESS Almost immediately on taking power, after the formation of the new Cabinet, the Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary, William Hague, started rushing all over the place to meet other leaders. The first person David Cameron went to see was Alex Salmond, no longer represented in the House of Commons, in Edinburgh. Salmond’s objective in life is to break up the United Kingdom.

Next, Mr Cameron received, on 14th May, the Afghani drug controller, President Hamid Karzai, and posed for press photographs showing him shaking hands with this operative, who had stopped over in London on his way back from Washington. A Downing Street spokesman said that Cameron and Karzai discussed President Karzai’s ‘very successful’ visit to Washington.

WHY HAMID KARZAI CIRCULATED D.C. IN AN ARMOURED ‘CARAVAN’ However a correspondent of ours based inside the Beltway reported to us at 21:02 hours UK time on 14th May 2010 that on Wednesday and Thursday 12th-13th May, Mr Karzai was conveyed around Washington with an immense armed caravan, as large as that employed by the President of the United States (POTUS). Our source stated that :

‘… at one point when trying to cross the 14th Street Bridge yesterday (13th) into DC at about 5 p.m., my friend called me counting 62 cops on motorcycles accompanying 12 vans filled with personnel sitting behind darkened windows, and a couple of marked FBI police cars’. The correspondent added that such activity hadn’t been observed inside the Beltway for some considerable time.

None of this was reported in the satrap American ‘mainstream’ media, so that no deductions from this ‘in-your-face’ display of arrogance have been made. So it’s down to us, as usual. Why is such overt protection necessary? Is it mandatory to have acquired an advanced degree in logic to work out that it is CRIMINALS, ESPECIALLY DRUG DEALERS, THAT NEED PROTECTION – whereas, as a rule, NON-CRIMINALS DON’T? If both parties weren’t up to their necks in organised drug crime, they wouldn’t need protection on this scale when moving around DC, would they?

These people are drug traffickers. As you can see from the completely different state of affairs in Britain, ‘normal’ holders of high office don’t need this exaggerated level of protection. This reality is so glaringly obvious, it’s almost laughable. And yet nobody in the so-called ‘mainstream’ media has highlighted this obvious reality. Of course not: the US ‘mainstream’ media is itself extensively subsidised by dubious sources of Fraudulent Finance.

CAMERON COW-TOWS TO SARKOZY, STANDS UP TO MERKEL After that, Cameron rushed to Paris to cow-tow to the fractious President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose half-brother ‘Oliver’, is a senior executive with the Carlyle Group, Bush Sr.’s notorious money-laundering enterprise – executives from which accompanied the top CIA crook Richard B. Cheney when he attempted to relieve Bank of America, Atlanta, of $2.0 trillion in the evening of 19th May (see above and the preceding report).

Cameron then repaired to Berlin, to meet the former Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Young Communists at Marx-Lenin University, a.k.a. Bush Sr.’s erstwhile agent, Frau Angie Merkel, in Berlin. There he did at least distinguish himself by countering Frau Merkel’s agitation for yet another collective treaty designed to enable the pan-German Government to claw back its hegemony project from the edge of oblivion.

Specifically, he told Merkel that ‘any treaty – even one that just applied to the Euro area – needs unanimous agreement of all 27 Member States, including the UK which of course has a veto’.

He added that ‘there is no question of agreeing to a treaty that transfers powers from Westminster to Brussels. If there was a treaty that proposed that, obviously it would be subject to a referendum’.

EUROPEANS TOLD THINGS THEY DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR Meanwhile the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, discovered for himself how the European agenda constantly intervenes and confuses the diaries of British Ministers. On 18th May, he had to travel to Brussels, where he was confronted with more arrogant demands by the criminal enterprise European Commission for funds to facilitate a 6% increase in EC spending, which would evidently imply a £600 million increase in Britain’s annual contribution – which, as reiterated below, is completely illegal because the European Commission is a criminal enterprise, and it is a criminal offence for taxpayers’ funds to be remitted into the hands of a criminal enterprise.

Earlier, during the hiatus between the collapse of the Labour Government and the emergence of the peculiar phoenix Coalition, the former Chancellor, Alistair Darling, had refused to sign up to the European ‘support fund’ on the perfectly proper grounds that the Brown Government had lost the election, so that caretaker Ministers had no powers whatsoever other than the handling of very low-level, routine administrative matters.

Deliberately missing the point here, this ‘defiance’ was met with an outburst of hostile responses from Britain’s charming ‘partners’ in the European Union Collective, led by France, Sweden, and the Brussels apparat itself. The theme was that the British should not bother asking the European Union Collective for assistance when it runs into irretrievable financial difficulties (indicating, by the way, that Brussels is no more ‘up to speed’ with the Dollar Refunding Programme solution than the British Coalition Government).

A character called Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Chairman of the French Financial Services Authority, pontificated with emphasis on 11th May that only ‘God would help’ Britain, as it had snubbed its Eurozone ‘neighbours’. This nasty piece of work then elaborated:

‘Help yourself and Heaven will help you. If you don’t want to show solidarity with the Eurozone, then let’s see what happens to the United Kingdom’.

Yes, let’s!

MERKEL DEPLOYS HER COMMUNIST EXPERTISE TO PRESS FOR A NEW TREATY As a former Communist Party (STASI) apparatchik trained in the methodology of Communism, Frau Merkel knows of course the procedure: it is to convene conference after conference, meeting after meeting, and to sponsor document after tedious document, in a never-ending and sterile process of accretion. Every conference sets the timetable for the next conference (something that may not have happened with the Lisbon Treaty, which the Eurocrats imagined would be the last: but the Communist Merkel knows better).

Under the Leninist overt ‘settlement’, with which this Communist STASi apparatchik is familiar, no document was ever sacrosanct, no undertaking to be relied upon. On the contrary, as Lenin taught from the outset, all undertakings with the ‘bourgeoisie’ could be reneged upon at any tick of the clock, with absolute revolutionary impunity.

So now you may understand why the duplicitous behaviour of the US Financial Terrorists holding high office is described by this service is quintessentially Leninist. No undertaking they have ever given, at any stage of the crisis, has been reliable – something that, as noted above and in the preceding report, certain MI6 officers, being of a younger generation, may still not understand.

Leninist operatives go through the motions of negotiating and reaching agreement with ‘the bourgeoisie’ (proxy for their opponents) with the specific, knowing intent of reneging on their undertakings when what Lenin called ‘the correlation of forces’ changes in their favour.

Clearly, David Cameron doesn’t yet understand this, despite his acknowledged brilliance (his Oxford Professor, Vernon Bogdanor, has called him ‘the most brilliant student I ever taught’).

And nor, it seems, does William Hague, the new British Foreign Secretary, who flew straight to Washington into the arms of Mrs Hillary Clinton – who has been closely associated with criminal operations and the blocking of the releases since longer than we can remember.

From his body language, it looked to us as though Hague had no clue about the issues discussed and exposed by this service, i.e. had not been briefed.

COALITION WORKING PARTIALLY IN THE DARK A similar deduction is permissible from perusal of the various convoluted statements, accords and undertakings vouchsafed to date by the new Coalition Government. A vague expectation of some economic improvement surfaces in some of Cameron’s observations, but the focus is on the truly horrendous condition in which the British financial economy, and the Government’s finances, were left by the outgoing Labour Government.

Now your correspondent has lived long enough to know that every single Labour Government that has been in power in Britain has made an irretrievable dog’s dinner of the country’s finances: so the fact that Brown spent his last six months in office approving irresponsibly permissive spending plans, many opposed by his civil servants, comes as no surprise. All sorts of superfluous contracts were signed during this period which the new Government will find hard to unravel.

When you consider that Brown (and Blair) were directly implicated, in cahoots with the Bush Crime Family and subsequently with the corrupt Obama Administration, in the endless sabotage of the releases – and therefore of the G-7-approved Dollar Refunding Programme using the sovereign loan, which would deliver windfall tax receipts into the British as well as the US Treasuries – you may begin to understand the reckless treachery for which Brown was responsible.
• No wonder he received a phone call from the Palace on the morning of 11th May.

So far, the Coalition Government has been working on the assumption that severe tax increases and public spending cuts are indispendable, without taking account of the windfall accruals that will arrive at the British Treasury once the delayed and hijacked Dollar Refunding Programme gets under way. Our working assumption must be that no-one in the new Cabinet has yet been briefed on the implications of the Dollar Refunding Programme. That may or may not reflect the continued sabotage perpetrated by the corrupt US Financial Terrorists exposed inter alia by this service: which, we repeat, the controlled ‘mainstream’ media on both sides of the Atlantic have continued to ignore – missing huge news stories such as the episode on 19th May when Mr Cheney, Carlyle executives and henchmen were physically ejected from Bank of America, Atlanta.
• If that is not a colossal news story, your correspondent has to be advised what is.

As previously stated here, we don’t care whether the complacent ‘mainstream’ wakes up or not. It’s too late for them to catch up: but the fact that the media have failed to inform their readers of what has been going on behind the scenes represents a gigantic failure by the Fourth Estate which has no doubt exacerbated the ongoing collapse of newspaper circulations.

To recap for a moment. You will recall that in July 2007, we reported that Lord ‘Eddie’ George, the former Governor of the Bank of England, was arrested and briefly jailed. You will also recall that we had reported that Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, had been arrested, incarcerated for three weeks, and then released. We republished all this information in International Currency Review. Lord George died in April 2009. We did not receive a letter from Lord George’s lawyers, and neither did we hear from Dr Alan Greenspan’s lawyers, either.

Anyone who’s not sitting on their brains should be able to deduce from the foregoing that the reports were accurate, which they were. Earlier this year we learned the actual reason for Lord George’s arrest. He had facilitated the stealing of The Queen’s gold (29th-30th March 2007), which we alone reported, converting the ‘product’ into worthless pieces of paper.

As late as when we were reporting that late night meeting at the Bank of England dated 9th April, which was supposed to have ‘taken care’ of the situation, we were authoritatively informed that this matter had still not been resolved. Although it had been decided to send over massive funds for the releases at that meeting, we later discovered that sensible second thoughts had prevailed and that the funds were not sent over – either because of some Bank of England corruption or glitch or, more probably, because of a consuming lack of trust.

NEW U.K. GOVERNMENT FAILING TO ADDRESS CRUCIAL ISSUES The new Coalition Government has ignored the following facts:
• That all legislation passed by the Westminster Parliament since 2000 is null and void as the ejection of the hereditary peers was performed illegally: see our report dated 10th April 2010.
• That the continued remittance of Value Added Tax payments to the European Commission is illegal, as the Commission is a criminal enterprise, the annual accounts of which have not been signed off and approved by the Court of Auditors for the past 14 years running. Mr John Craig of the UK Serious Fraud Office has confirmed to a former Member of the European Parliament that it is a criminal offence for taxpayers’ funds to be remitted into the hands of a criminal enterprise. Therefore if the new Government continues this practice it will de facto be engaged in criminal activity: see the Editor’s speech given in London on 31st October 2009:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jug-W-DKcms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB18PIYbSYw&;feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJyUKbmBeJs&;feature=related

ANNEX THE VAT TAX REVENUES TO THE TREASURY The immediate partial solution to the Government’s financial problems is to annexe the taxation accruals which cannot legally be remitted to Brussels (see above) into a special Treasury account. This could be an escrow account for a defined period, during which the British Government would require the European Commission to reverify all its accounts going back 14 years, a process which will need to extract full details of all corrupt procedures leading to the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators. This laborious task would need to be performed year by year to the satisfaction of the British authorities, and within the stipulated time period.

Failing such a response by the European Commission to the satisfaction of the British authorities, the VAT accruals held in the escrow account should be transferred to the UK Treasury’s general accounts and used to defray and pay off debts incurred by the Coalition’s profligate predecessor.

There is absolutely no indication that anyone in official circles understands the basis and logic of this, which means that the new Coalition Government will be just as prepared as its predecessor to commit criminal offences on a continuing basis by remitting British taxpayers’ funds into the hands of a criminal enterprise. Ministers can be arraigned for such criminal activity.

Meanwhile the Coalition brought forward an extremely feeble agenda which it represented as the compromise agreement, and republished on 20th May (having previously promulgated a different programme). The programme, to have been announced in part in The Queen’s speech on Tuesday 25th May, represents the lowest common denominator and reveals that this is an excessively weak Government – even though headline-catching prospective Bills have been indicated.

VAST, UNSUSTAINABLE COST OF BRITISH E.U. MEMBERSHIP Indicative of the extreme collective stupidity of the British political and bureaucratic Establishment is the fact that, having delegated General Powers to the European Commission – after the model adopted by Herr Hitler in January 1933 when he prevailed upon the Reichstag to delegate General Powers to his Cabinet, which he then annexed to himself – the huge costs imposed by the corrupt criminal enterprise called the European Commission are actually crippling British business.

When the country is bust, the Government’s finances are in total disarray, and the Government can’t even understand that it is committing an ongoing criminal offence by remitting UK Value Added tax accruals to the Brussels parasites, the colossal burden imposed by this unelected, unaccountable fake EC ‘authority’ represents a calculated insult to normal intelligence.

Specifically, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) publishes a ‘Burdens Barometer’, compiled by the London and Manchester Business Schools, using the Government’s own figures. The latest report from this source, released on 23rd May, indicates that the total cost of compliance with the European Commission’s nit-picking regulations to British business over the past 12 years alone has reached £88.3 billion, an increase of more than £11 billion over a year ago, although this is due in part to new information relating to burdens imposed by the European Commission via the British satrap Westminster Parliament in earlier years. During 2009, the additional EC cost exceeded £1.0 billion, consisting of 40 new restrictions.

One of the most expensive of these EC-originated laws is the EU Light Duty Vehicle Emissions Standards, which imposes recurring annual costs on businesses of £1.48 billion. It is to be noted that such penal financial burdens would not ‘fly’ had it not been for the subversive ‘Green agenda’ propaganda, which, as Mr Mikhail S. Gorbachëv predicted, has been one of the most ‘successful’ revolutionary tools ever developed by the World Revolution élite. Gorbachëv basically kicked off the Green agenda when he sat on his backside for three weeks in 1986 after the deliberately provoked Chernobyl disaster, to observe its impact on Western attitudes.

The most expensive burden of all the Talmudic restrictions imposed by the European Commission via the compliant satrap Westminster Parliament since 1998 is reported to be the Working Time Regulations, which have so far cost British businesses £17.8 billion, and also a 2000 EU Pollution Directive, which has cost British businesses £10.4 billion to date.

What infuriates this service is the complacency with which such information is received in British policymaking circles. The message which no-one in the weak Establishment wants to hear is that membership of the European Union Collective has been IMMENSELY DAMAGING for Britain and its economy, and that total independence will yield far more positive results.

Because once Britain has extricated itself at long last from this long-range geopolitical entrapment mechanism, every country in the world will be knocking at Britain’s door asking for a bilateral treaty guaranteeing access to the huge British marketplace. The idiocy of delegating General Powers to an unelected, unaccountable, corrupt criminal enterprise cannot be over-emphasised (and actually is so glaringly obvious that it shouldn’t even need reporting): but the Establishment doesn’t want to know, because of course pointing these grim things out reveals just how stupid, complacent and negligent its cadres have been for decades.

55% RULE REVEALS COALITION’S FEAR IT CANNOT OTHERWISE SURVIVE That the Coalition lacks confidence in its ability to survive is separately confirmed by the fact that the Coalition intends to proceed with its constitutionally irregular provision that there is to be a dissolution threshold of 55% of the votes in Parliament for a no-confidence motion in the context of previously unheard-of fixed-term parliaments (for five years). [A surreptitious lobbying operation to promote fixed-term parliaments has been infesting Westminster for a long time: so this wheeze is NOT the Coalition’s original notion, but one it has ‘lifted’ to enhance its chances of survival].

Under this format, if the Coalition Government loses a vote of confidence, it then invokes the dissolution provision and because MPs will want to hang on to their seats (not least because the Government is also proposing to redraw constituency boundaries to reduce the number of MPs – another cynical control ‘gimmick’ designed to keep it in power), the dissolution provision fails: which results in what has been described as a ‘zombie government’.

It is glaringly obvious that this ‘belt and braces’ arrangement has been cobbled together precisely because the Coalition partners recognise that they and their supporters remain, in fact, at serious loggerheads over a wide range of issues, and that without such unconstitutional arrangements (which will be rendered ‘constitutional’ by a Commons vote supported by all the new MPs who can’t believe that they were elected), the Coalition would fall apart. Hence, the new Coalition’s bravado represents actually a gross piece of self-serving deception ‘justified’ by the grim arithmetic of the General Election held on 6th May, which, as predicted, resulted in a hung Parliament.

We have already demonstrated that the Conservatives could have secured a working majority (of about 40 seats) had they accommodated the requirements of actives who detest Britain’s sterile relationship with the European Union Collective. Here are the details again, for the record:

Calculations based on votes cast prepared by the former MEP for South-East England, Ashley Mote, have revealed as follows:
• The Conservatives could have had a comfortable working majority if they had made an unequivocal commitment to a referendum on British membership of the EU.
• The UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) vote, favouring a much harsher policy towards Britain’s sterile EU participation, would have collapsed and, while not every one of the 25 seats listed below might have been delivered to the ‘Conservatives’, they would have emerged with a working majority of about 40.

In the following table of constituences where the ‘Conservatives’ came second, the first number shown represents the winner’s majority, and the second number shown represents the UKIP vote:

Bolton West 92, 901 Derby North 613, 829 Derbyshire North East 2445, 2636 Dorset Mid 269, 2109 Dudley North 649, 3267 Great Grimsby 714, 2043 Hampstead and Kilburn 42, 408 Hull North 641, 1358 Middlesbrough South 1677, 1881 Morley and Outwood 1101, 1506 Newcastle-Under-Lyme 1552, 3491 Norwich South 310, 1145 Oldham East 103, 1720 Plymouth Moor 1588, 3188 Rochdale 889, 1999 Sheffield Central 165, 652 Solihull 175, 1200 Somerset and Frome 1817, 1932 Southampton and Itchen 192, 1928 St Austell and Newquay 1312, 1757 St Ives South 1719, 2560 Swansea West 504, 716 Walsall North 990, 1737 Walsall South 800, 1711 Wirral South 531, 1274

Additionally, the Conservatives should have won Wells, which was lost to the Liberal Democrats with a majority of 800. But the UKIP vote was 1711; so including the promise of a referendum on Britain’s continued sterile membership of the EU could have secured this seat as well.

The Guardian reported on 8th May 2010 that ‘UKIP’s bid to beat the Speaker’ (who is traditionally unopposed by the main parties) in Buckingham, ended in third place. Lessons for the Conservative right, there, perhaps, if they think they can win by tacking to the extremes’.

But the data displayed above reveal that this assessment is the very reverse of the truth. If the ‘Conservatives’ had accommodated the known preferences of adherents of the United Kingdom Independence Party, they would have achieved a comfortable working majority and would not have found themselves on the edge of a deep abyss.

LIST OF ISSUES THAT NEED URGENT ATTENTION BUT ARE BEING IGNORED BY THE COALITION Among the gimmicks proffered by the Coalition is the idea of a bonfire of nit-picking laws and regulations implemented under the disgraced Labour Government.

These in fact reflect the hegemony of the Brussels apparat over the House of Commons, since 80% of legislation spewed out by the European Commission, which enjoys Hitlerian General Powers to initiate legislation, are derived from this unelected, unaccountable, corrupt ‘authority’.

Meanwhile there is no sign that the Coalition cares, or has a clue, about the issues that really matter, which include the following:
• Repeal of legislation mimicking the iniquitous provisions of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which allows IT platform providers to host breaches of copyright by third parties, and to refuse to remove the same until the ownership of the copyright and rights is proven by the owners. This loophole enables copyright material (such as our books, for instance) to be downloaded onto such platforms and for an unknown quantity of illegal copies to be made until such time as the copyright owner becomes aware of the breach and initiates the procedure to compel the platform controller to remove the offending posting.

In our case, whole copies of some of our books have been illegally downloaded with the copyright page deliberately and maliciously removed in order to disguise the ownership of the copyright. This loophole is costing British publishers millions every year: we ourselves have lost book sales (at full price) valued at over $2.0 million due to this abomination. There is no indication at all that the ‘enlightened ones’ running the new Government have a clue about this issue.

In addition, the former MEP Ashley Mote, has usefully highlighted the following Labour legislation which needs to be abolished. This list is augmented by the Editor’s own contributions:
• Civil Contingencies Act 2005.
• Criminal Justice Act 2003.
• Extradition Acts 2003 and 2006 (containing the iniquitous imbalanced provisions favouring extradition of Britons to the United States, but impeding the extradition of Americans to Britain).
• Firearms Act 1996 and 1997 (which have led to sharp increases in violent crime in UK cities).
• Health and Safety Act 1997.
• Hunting Act 2004.
• ID Cards Act 2006 [this IS included in the Coalition’s agenda.]
• Legislative and Regulatory reform Act 2006.
• Police and Justice Act 2006.
• Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
• Terrorism Act 2005

During its 13-year ‘reign of terror’, the disgraced Labour Government passed over 500 new Acts of Parliament – six on immigration, eight on terrorism, 12 on education, 11 on health and social care, and 25 on criminal justice. Most of these new Statutes were enacted in response to the previous Government’s EUdolatry – i.e. to comply with new European Commission Directives.
• None of these laws, including the Quasi-Non-Government Organisations (quangos) they created, has improved the quality of life in the United Kingdom.

The following measures would be adopted if the new Government were not arguably the feeblest manifestation of governance ever to have emerged onto the British political stage:
• All British primary law based on European Commission Directives, including Human Rights, Health and Safety, Regional Assemblies, Data Protection, Race Relations and innumerable other scatterbrained, Talmudic nanny-state provisions imposed by the corrupt European Commission in conformity with its pan-German hegemony ‘General Powers’ control remit.
• Abolition of all busy-body entities, legislation and unaccountable and unelected agencies of Government responsible for the enforcement of nit-picking provisions dictated by Brussels which routinely intermeddle in people’s lives.
• Abolition of all organisations, such as ‘Common Purpose’ (funded of course by Deutsche Bank: see below), including quangos which seek to change and manipulate the way people think.
• Abolish the Local Government Standards Board which enables officials to complain when elected councilors criticise them.
• Abolish all targets for hospitals, schools and the police, the effect of which has been to divert effort away from their real purposes in order to ‘avoid trouble’ from the Government.
• Any surviving quangos would have to be made liable under the Harassment Act 1997 to individuals faced with oppressive intrusion into their lives.

We further agree with Ashley Mote that the following additional measures are urgently required (in which the Coalition has shown not the slightest interest):
• Employment: Restore the right of employers to employ the best candidate for any job.
• Health: Restructure hospital managements so that doctors’ clinical judgments and patients‘ needs come first. Doctors and nurses should decide. Managers should manage. Restore matrons and their powers to manage wards.
• Criminal Justice: Immediate restoration of Habeas Corpus and the protection of British law whenever a foreign country seeks extradition of a British national. The prima facie case against him or her must be heard and decided by a British court.
• Public Services: Restore British ownership of ALL essential public services and protect our vital national interests using Mrs Thatcher’s famous golden share principle. There can be no foreign majority ownership of essential British utilities. (Instead of which the country’s essential assets are passing at breakneck speed into European hands, as always intended under the Nazi compendium Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft: see above).
• Farming: Restore the right of British farmers to grow whatever they like.
• Fishing: Prohibit all foreign fishing vessels in a 200 miles area around UK coasts
• Defence: Restore spending on defence to at least five per cent of total public spending to ensure that the armed forces have the capabilities and resources to defend the country.
• Note: In this context, the new Minister of Defence, Liam Fox, backed by the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, is operating on the right lines. On 22nd May, he flew to Afghanistan to investigate the acceleration of the repatriation of British troops (so that British will no longer be complicit in America’s dirty drug war designed to control, not eradicate, the heroin trade).
• Fox has also made it clear that British military deployments will in future be governed strictly by British national interests.
• The significance of this is as follows. As previously discussed in these reports, the British military has irresponsibly allowed itself to become co-opted and hijacked to fulfil the squalid requirements of an internationalist agenda – that is to say, British troops have been dying in pursuit of an agenda that has nothing to do with the interests of the British people and nation.

Liam Fox appears to have understood this: and if he hasn’t, he has at least recognised that there is no way that British military force can continue to be rented out to the internationalists.

Secondly, Mr Fox cites British national interests, illustrating yet again the abject confusion that reigns at the heart of the British political Establishment over Europe. Under the political collective régime, satrap ‘Member States’ HAVE NO INTERESTS, because their national interests have been collectivised (there remain a few exceptions to this, but that is the reality).
• This is a truth that the political class simply cannot grasp, or doesn’t understand (because it doesn’t begin to realise that the European Union Collective is, precisely, a collective entrapment mechanism). Fox has clearly not grasped this reality yet.
• Migration: Re-establish a clear difference between economic migration and genuine pleas for asylum. Britain should accept its share of genuine refugees but without necessarily offering British nationality. The UK Immigration Service should be focused on identifying and completing genuine cases within one month, using tough and fair criteria.
• All visa applications to be made from abroad. No visa, no travel.
• Abolition of the Foreign Office’s recruitment cadre in Pakistan which operates on a quota basis – that is to say, the staff have quotas of would-be immigrant Pakistanis that they must meet. This operation is clearly subversive, a scandal, and should be folded forthwith.
• Limit work permits to essential workers only. No right to benefits. ‘Support yourself and your families or leave’.
• Encourage the return of immigrants to their own countries. ‘Be a part of the British way of life or leave’.
• Deport all illegal immigrants and convicted criminals not born in the United Kingdom. Encourage voluntary repatriation. Abolish the iniquitous interference derived from European Human Rights legislation whereby, for instance, a known dangerous terrorist cannot be extradited because extradition would breach his human rights.
• The Overseas Development Budget: The coalition has ring-fenced this permissive source of official expenditure which could and should be cut down to the bone.

Specifically, it proposes to ‘guarantee’ that the equivalent of 0.7% of Gross Domestic Product will continue to be allocated to overseas development. This is complete, idiotic madness. The ONLY territories for which Britain should continue to provide assistance are British Overseas Territories.

Former colonies that preferred independence are on their own, as they made their choice and must live with the consequences. At a time when the Government’s finances have been decimated by the ravages of the preceding incompetent régime, to ring-fence overseas development is sheer perverse delinquent madness.

Overseas Governments accustomed to receiving British assistance should be told in no uncertain terms: ‘The British people are having to suffer because of our financial predicament, and we have a much greater responsibility towards the British people than we have to you. In fact we don’t have any responsibility towards you at all: what we have done in the past represents donations pro bono publico. There isn’t any money to permit any more generosity on the part of British taxpayers, not least because you never thanked us for a single penny we remitted to you in the past’.

Of course the weasel argument against such a stance would be that if British aid dries up, then other powers will step into areas where Britain has had influence in the past. To which our sharp answer would be: our ongoing studies of the consistency with which the United States has stabbed its ‘closest ally’ in the back economically since the Second World War, make it clear that British aid hasn’t displaced such below-the-radar hostile operations on the part of Washington. And the same applies to other so-called ‘allies’. So get real, and stop living in your own dream bubble.

COALITION INFESTED BY GERMAN ‘COMMON PURPOSE’ PSY-OPS A clue as to why not much, if any, of the above absolutely necessary and overdue reforms will take place under the Coalition Government emerged on 13th May, when The Daily Telegraph reported that ‘the first meeting of David Cameron’s new Coalition Cabinet had ended with Ministers hailing the ‘common purpose’ of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Michael Gove, the new Education Secretary, and an intelligence operative, commented:

‘It was great, actually. I think we had a really constructive meeting. I was delighted by the sense of partnership and common purpose that we had there’.

As previously reported, ‘Common Purpose’ is an extremely subversive targeted mind-control and personality change Fifth Column operation financed by Deutsche Bank, which was surreptitiously run for many years from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister under the now discredited Labour Government, John Prescott. It runs intensive brainwashing courses for ignorant cadres from the police, the military, the National Health Service, welfare, local government, the judiciary, the legal profession and other segments of influence-building society, often resulting in early marriage or personality breakdowns as participants are subjected to the ‘tabula rasa’ Psy-Ops approach and assaulted with crass, dumbed-down, politically ‘correct’ notions.

It is this Fifth Column subversion operation which is directly responsible for the decay of standards right across the board, and for substituting upside-down thinking – such as that homosexuality is acceptable and it is a gross offence to criticise it. On that score, the dumbed-down participants are of course not reminded what homosexuals actually do to each other.

In other words, ‘Common Purpose’ uses known psychological warfare manipulation techniques to brainwash stupid components of the upper levels of society, at the participants’ massive expense of course, into junking their ‘old values’ and replacing them with the garbage, back-to-front values which lead to such outrages as victims of burglary being arrested rather than the burglar. This is a deliberate, controlled, German-funded subversion programme. The repeated use by new Coalition Ministers of the words ‘Common Purpose’ is extremely disturbing, especially as it is believed that David Cameron has himself been brainwashed by this Fifth Column Psy-Ops agentur.

SEVERE TENSIONS ALREADY WRACKING BOTH COALITION PARTNERS Meanwhile in the House of Commons, fractures on both sides of the Coalition are the main talking point, and have been receiving extensive press coverage. One veteran MP informed The Sunday Telegraph (23rd May) that the atmosphere prevailing among Conservative backbenchers generally was ‘worse than at any time since Maastricht’ in 1992 – code for the reality that the atmosphere is ALREADY POISONOUS. A clumsy attempt by Cameron to ambush the backbench 1922 Committee in order to bring this forum for backbenchers’ dissent under Cabinet control has seriously backfired, fuelling resentment among Conservatives already dissatisfied with the wholesale emasculation of the Conservative platform and with intended measures such as the proposed increase in capital gains tax to 40% and the scrapping of a Conservative plan to raise the threshold for Inheritance Tax from £350,000, above which level 40% tax must be paid, to £1.0 million.

A sign of the unscrupulous nature of the Coalition’s arrangements was an uncalled-for remark by the new Home Secretary, the bossy Theresa May, who suddenly pronounced that she ‘no longer’ opposed the adoption of children by homosexual/lesbian couples. In other words, the woman has no fixed principles at all, sways with the wind, and accommodates her ‘views’ to meet the pragmatic requirements of the moment. Since the Home Office is the third most important Office of State, this is hardly an indicator of prospective principled governance.

On the Liberal-Democratic side of the equation, the relegation of the impressive Dr Vince Cable, to the position of Business Secretary, where he has had to deliver £900 million of ‘cuts’ already to the Chancellor, George Osborne, is described by observers as ‘an eruption waiting to happen’. Cable, who thought he might wind up as Chancellor of the Exchequer, is being further cut down to size by Osborne, who was intending to appoint Sir Samuel Sassoon, shortly to be ennobled, as Commerce Secretary in the House of Lords – a sure recipe for idiotic turf warfare. Innumerable other ripples of discontent have surfaced, the tawdry ensemble of which in our view suggests that it is entirely possible that this enterprise will, contrary to currently received opinion, suddenly collapse.
• An indication that the Coalition is not averse to dirty tricks, either, surfaced on 19th May, when the Coalition presented its ‘final’ feeble version of what had been agreed.

Dr Vince Cable waited for ages to get to the microphone, but found himself mysteriously entangled with the mike and its connecting cable, so that he had to ad-lib: ‘As the new head of the department for technical innovation, we make it up as we go along’. No. What probably happened is that a dirty tricks operative made sure that when he reached for the mike, the connecting cables had been pre-entangled to maximise his embarrassment in front of the media. The Conservatives don’t like Cable because of his previous close association with the Labour Party.

There is also much anger at ‘grass roots’ level, with the 600,000 ‘workers’ who knock on doors on behalf of the Conservative Party reportedly angered that they wasted their time, as the Coalition’s political platform has little to do with what they promoted on the doorstep.

Additionally, the arrangement whereby opposition parties receive what for some reason is known as ‘Short’ money, amounting to £2.0 million in the case of the Liberal Democrats, is now denied to the relatively impecunious Lib-Dems, who would therefore be in trouble if another General Election were to have to be held any time soon.

All in all, therefore, contrary to the propaganda and spin, the UK political situation seems to this veteran observer to be highly unstable.




LEGAL TUTORIAL: The Steps of Common Fraud:

Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Hauppauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:
• “ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.
• “THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:

• “FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.
• “The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.
• To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.

• “FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.
• “Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent or person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.

• NASD Rule 3120, et al.

• NASD Rule 2330, et al

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3040

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-1

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and SEC Rule 15c3-1

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3110

• SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and Procedural Rule 8210

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 2330 and IM-2330

• NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-5

• NASD Systems and Programme Rules 6950 through 6957

• 97-13 Bank Secrecy Act, Recordkeeping Rule for funds transfers and transmittals of funds, et al.

• Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act

• Anti-Drug Abuse Act

• Applicable international money laundering restrictions

• Bank Secrecy Act

• Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]

• Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act

• Economic Espionage Act

• Hobbs Act

• Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]

• Maloney Act

• Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC] (1)

• Money-Laundering Control Act

• Money-Laundering Suppression Act

• Organized Crime Control Act of 1970

• Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminalist activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States

• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]

• Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]

• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]

• Securities Act 1933

• Securities Act 1934

• Terrorism Prevention Act

• Treason legislation, especially in time of war.

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